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BAYC | Ape Fest to Whiskey and The Scandal?!? #BURNBAYC?

Ape Fest to Whiskey and The Scandal?!? #BURNBAYC?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club significantly impacts everything from Ape Fest to Whiskey. BYAC has become the top collectible NFT on the market. And it will continue to grow with all the people getting involved. Now all of a sudden, I see #BURNBAYC trending on Twitter.

Introducing #BoredApeYC Monkey Shoulder Whiskey

BlockBar released a Monkey Shoulder malt scotch whisky with a BAYC NFT. You can purchase one here.

Ape Fest NFT NYC

#apefest2022 is just getting kicked off with plenty of decor at #NFTNYC.

Food Fighters Universe and Snoop Dogg

Food Fighters Universe and Snoop Dogg are both big Fans of the #boredapeyc. The Food Fighters Universe has a restaurant called Bored and Hungry.

Food Fighters are in NYC for #APEFest and NFTNYC with their food trucks Bored and Hungry and Bored Taco.

Snoop Dogg recently purchased a Bored Ape that he named Dr. Bombay. Snoop Dogg has teamed up with the Food Fighters Universe to start a dessert restaurant called Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration. The restaurant also has a dessert truck at Ape Fest in NYC.

The BAYC Scandal is it Real?

Then out of nowhere, researching what else is happening in the world of #apefest, I see #BURNBAYC trending on Twitter. Jimmy Fallon took down his Bored APE PFP.

The Bored Ape Nazi Club? Are you for real?

Not sure how accurate all the stories are about Bored Ape Yacht Club being about racism and Nazizm, but it sure is starting to trend and spread like wildfire.

It appears that this madness may have been stirred up by RyderRipps.eth on Twitter. Possibly to promote his project that you can find here.

Ripps claims that the 18 teeth are a symbol of Nazism. The article titled Bored Ape Yacht Club is Racist and Contains Nazi Dog Whistles can be found on Bored Ape Yacht Club is Racist and Contains Nazi Dog Whistles ( They chose the domain name Gordon Goner for SEO purposes. They wanted the cofounder’s name and article to be on the first page of Google right below his Twitter account.

It will be interesting to see how this new spin on BAYC and Racist Nazis Turns out.

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