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Best Apps to Buy The Dip

There are many Apps available to purchase cryptocurrencies nowadays. Some are easy to use with cheaper service fees while others are expensive. I will explore some crypto trading services and reflect on some of my own experiences using their services. I will review based on their price, usability, service, and strength to demonstrate each provider’s pros and cons.


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Although everyone hates Coinbase, they offer various of their own curated tokens for investors. They are centralized crypto services that offer possible earn and learn opportunities and Defi opportunities. Their consumer services are the worst in the crypto service and occasionally their platform will restrict your trading ability due to their known internal errors. However, security is their strength if you have large crypto assets and want to be protected in hot wallet service.

Price: if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, do not use their services. They offer one of the most expensive cryptocurrency trading services in the market. Each trade may cost up to 1.5% of service fees. It is not an ideal trading App. Even though they have a Pro service, the trading is still very expensive. 

Usability: The App is very slow and difficult to navigate to purchase crypto through a phone. Only if you are a holder of the crypto assets, it is not recommended to use their services.

Service: The worst customer service you can encounter in the crypto market. Their response time is up to 3 months and there is no other way to approach them if you have urgent questions.

Strength: they occasionally offer to earn opportunities to give out free cryptocurrencies. Their wallet services and other crypto services are the safest due to their centralized characters. 

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Binance (US Only)

They are one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in the crypto industry. They have a vast variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. You can claim airdrops and earn through learning new crypto. There are many scam crypto and airdrops that potentially will spam up your wallet.  

Price: each trade only costs $0.01 which is very affordable. 

Usability: The App has the most complete technical analysis tools for you to trade crypto. Depending on your location, the crypto choices can vary. 

Service: The App service is outstanding. They have a service team to reach out and help you on each step of the process if you have any questions.

Strength: They offer airdrops that you may claim your tokens for free. There are many unique coins or tokens you may purchase from the platform at first. However, there are so many scam tokens on the platform too.

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It is a Bitcoin tipping App that is solely to send Bitcoin to the one you want to. It is the most convenient App I used and it can be used as a Bitcoin trading platform. The App is easy to use and KYC is easy to set up.

Price: it is one of the few $0 cost trading Apps in the crypto service. Although the Bitcoin price is 1% more expensive than the market, you sell for profits will make no difference on that 1% higher price you purchased.

Usability: The App is very intuitive to use. It is one of the most convenient Apps to trade Bitcoin and purchase instantly.

Service: Their customer service is one of the best in the crypto service. Even though you did not contact them, they will reach out to you and provide guidance to help you out.

Strength: Their App is one of the best Apps I used to buy Bitcoin and send Bitcoin tips. 

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FTX was a crypto derivatives trading platform. However, they offer limited cryptocurrency with incentives to give away free cryptos when each trade is above $10.

Price: they have a $0 cost per trade with rewards above $10 for each trade. 

Usability: The App is fast and easy to use. They focus more on Solana with limited selections of cryptos.

Service: Their customer service is good. It may not be one of the best but they resolve issues for you within days.

Strength: Trading with FTX is more fun because you can randomly reward with each trade above $10 and have chances to earn Dogecoin. 

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Cash App

Cash App is under Square which the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey created. The App is more useful in fiat payment but with the Bitcoin feature, it helps people to easily transact crypto around. They only have Bitcoin currently and I do not think they will be likely to expand other cryptocurrencies. However, the App is very user-friendly. 

Price: this is one of the most expensive Apps to buy Bitcoin from. The fees are between about 1.5% to 2.3%. 

Usability: The App is very easy to use. I mainly use it to tip others. They are more focused on business use and possibly integrate business payment with Bitcoin.

Service: The customer service is very helpful and they mainly focus on customer services.

Strength: They occasionally will give away free Bitcoin through events. I think it is a backup plan to accumulate more Bitcoin. 

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Another expensive crypto service. It is not feasible to use to trade but more focused on business operation with crypto payment integration.

Price: The fees are between about 1.5% to 2.3%. 

Usability: The App is very user-friendly and they have only 4 cryptocurrencies to choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. There is a rumor about them issuing their stablecoin recently.

Service: their customer service is great since that is one of their business models to focus on.

Strength: they do not have a native wallet infrastructure that allows you to transfer your crypto out of their App yet. I do not recommend trading the crypto through their App. it is possible to use as a tipping App to your friends through Venmo.

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Another most hated App. However, their usability is excellent and their customer service is fairly good. There are not many cryptocurrencies to choose from but the trading fee is low to near zero.

Price: zero trading fee for crypto. 

Usability: The App has a recurring purchase function to automatically buy every period you set. It is one of the fast Apps you can actually buy the dip but sometimes they may halt the service due to market volatility.

Service: The customer service is fairly good. They will offer you solutions in time.

Strength: Their App is a user-friendly and fast trading speed that can help you to trade. More importantly, the trading fee is near zero. 

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Fold App

Fold App is not a trading App but a rebate App to earn Bitcoin. When you purchase through their services, you can have a Bitcoin cash reward. You can even earn daily rewards through them. They will have a plan to enter Metaverse while offering more earning opportunities for Bitcoin in the future.

Price: purchase their services to earn Bitcoin back. 

Usability: The App is very user-friendly.

Service: The best customer service which cares about their customers and answers questions within a day.

Strength: They will offer Metaverse entry rewards through crypto in the future. 

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In Conclusion

There are more Apps out there that provide excellent services. Which one do you prefer?

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