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4 Reasons to Start Trading Crypto with Bitcoin Storm App

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They offer an
exciting new way to invest and trade. Bitcoin Storm is a trading app that
makes it easy for anyone to get started trading crypto. Here are three reasons
you should give Bitcoin Storm a try.

1) User-friendly platform:

With the Bitcoin Storm platform, you can start trading crypto without any prior
experience or knowledge. The platform is designed with user-friendliness in
mind and is easy to navigate and use. All you need to do is create an account,
deposit funds, and start trading.
The Bitcoin Storm platform also offers a demo account so you can try out the
platform before committing to a live account. With the demo account, you can
test out the features and get a feel for how the platform works. Once you’re
ready to go live, you can switch to a live account and start trading for real.
With the Bitcoin Storm platform, you can trade crypto with ease and

2) Wide range of currencies:

With the Bitcoin Storm app, you can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies,
including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. This gives you the flexibility to
invest in the currency that you believe will have the most growth potential.
With Bitcoin Storm, you can start trading with as little as $250, and you can
withdraw your earnings at any time.
The Bitcoin Storm app also offers a demo account so that you can practice
trading before risking your own money. Overall, the Bitcoin Storm app is a
great way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

3) Earnings potential:

Bitcoin Storm is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that offers the
potential for high returns. With Bitcoin Storm, you can start earning profits
right away. The Bitcoin Storm platform is designed to be user-friendly and
easy to use. You can set up your account in just a few minutes, and the
platform will do the rest.
Bitcoin Storm uses advanced algorithms to buy and sell

cryptocurrencies on your behalf automatically. The goal is to keep your account balance in
US dollars, so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations. Bitcoin
Storm also offers a demo account so you can try out the platform before you
commit to investing any real money.

4) 24/7 support:

If you have any questions or need help getting started, the Bitcoin Storm team
is available 24/7 for support. Plus, there is a large community of users who
are happy to offer helpful advice and tips. Why not give the Bitcoin Storm app
a try? You may be surprised at how enjoyable, and profitable crypto trading can

Sign-up details:

To sign up for a Bitcoin Storm account, you only need an email address. You
can create a demo account to practice trading, or you can switch to a live
account and start trading for real. With the Bitcoin Storm platform, you can
trade crypto with ease and confidence. check out

Top 5 Best Investment Methods for Beginners 2022

Best investments for beginners

High-yield savings accounts

This can be an easy way to increase your return on your money beyond
what you’re earning in a regular checking account. High-yield savings
accounts, often opened by online banks, pay higher interest on average
than standard savings accounts yet give customers regular access to their
This can be a great place to park the money you’re saving for purchases in
the years to come, as well as hold on just in case of an emergency.

Certificates of deposit

Certificates of deposit are another way to earn extra interest on your
savings, but they will tie up your money for longer than a high-yield
savings account. You can buy CDs for different periods, such as six months,
one year or even five years, but you usually cannot access the money
before the CD matures without paying the penalty.
Certificates are considered extremely safe, and if you buy through a
federally insured bank.

Individual stocks

Buying stock in individual companies is the riskiest investment option discussed
here, but it can also be rewarding. But before you start investing, you should
consider whether buying stocks makes sense for you. You invest for the long
term, usually at least five years. Stocks are priced every second of the trading day, and because of this, people are often drawn to a short-term trading mindset
when they hold individual stocks.
A stock is a partial ownership stake in a real business; over time, your fortune
will grow with the underlying company you invest in. If you don’t think you have
the skills or stomach to run it with individual stocks, consider Instead taking the
more diversified approach offered by mutual funds or ETFs.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds offer investors an opportunity to invest in stocks or bonds that they could not
easily make on their own.

Low costs help investors keep more of the fund’s returns for themselves and can be a great
way to build wealth over time.


Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are similar to mutual funds in that they hold
securities, but they trade throughout the day in the same way that stocks do. ETFs
don’t come with the same minimum investment requirements as mutual funds, which
typically come in at a few thousand dollars. ETFs can be purchased for the price of
one share plus any fees or commissions associated with the purchase, although you
can start with even less if your broker allows fractional share investments.

Why should you start investing?

Investing is essential if you want to maintain the purchasing power of your savings
and reach long-term financial goals such as retirement or wealth building. If you let
your savings sit in a traditional bank account that earns little or no interest, eventually
inflation will erode the value of your hard-earned capital. By investing in assets like
stocks and bonds, your savings keep up with or even outpace inflation.
Short-term investments like high-yield savings accounts or money market mutual
funds can help you earn more on your savings when you make a big purchase like a
down payment on a car or home. Stocks and ETFs are considered better for long-
term goals such as retirement because they are likely to yield better returns over
time, but they carry additional risk.

How much money is needed to start investing?

You don’t need much money to start investing. Most online brokers have no
account minimums to get started, and some offer fractional share investments for
those starting with small dollar amounts. For just a few dollars, you can buy an
ETF allows you to build a diversified portfolio of stocks. A micro-investing
the platform will let you round up debit card purchases as a way to start investing.

How high leverage crypto lending market collapses

As the number of crypto lending projects increases, the demand for high-quality banks in this space has also increased. However, the current market is in a tailspin and not much can be done about it. Like other asset markets, such as stock and bond trading or real estate development, the crypto lending market faces multiple headwinds: low-interest rates, rising competition, and regulatory uncertainty. Traditional lenders are unwilling to offer crypto loans at competitive rates or as a package deal. Even if they did deliver it at competitive rates, many others would reject it out of hand. This leaves traditional financial institutions as the only alternative left. To avoid becoming an antiquated sector that cannot support itself, we need more than just more conventional lenders. There needs to be a higher level of leverage on offer so that creative digital assets can become its main attraction instead of simply being another commodity – another loan option. Lenders with leveraged portfolios are necessary even if they do not have the best business practices (e.g., investment vehicles). Weakening the competition will only make things harder for traditional players who have grown accustomed to buying their way into certain industries (e.g., oil) or using other conventional means to reach their goals (e.g., banking).

What is the current crypto lending market worth?

There are over 1,000 crypto lending projects in the market. Some of them have raised more money than others and it is not unusual for projects to generate more than the sum of their (usually smaller) parts. However, the total number of lenders in the market would not be significant without the adoption of blockchain and the payment network it creates. However, the market suddenly collapses in early 2022 due to the market downturn. It makes many people wonder why the market is so fragile. 

The demand for high quality digital banks

New digital banks are opening their doors worldwide and offering loans to customers in various forms. Some common forms of lending include cash-out refinance, termite and mortgage loan, and money market funds. Other assets usually secure these loans rather than security-rated assets. They may offer higher interest payments but the risk of default is also very high.

How big of an impact will the current market have on business confidence?

The amount of money raised through these projects can greatly affect a lender’s business. If the number of lenders increases and the number of projects increases, then the number of do-it-your-self (DIY) loans will increase as well. However, the most significant impact will be on the confidence of the banks in the industry. This will have a dramatic and far-reaching impact on the entire commodities and financial services industry. There will be a loss of vendor relationships, reduced transparency, and a decline in investment confidence in banks. These will hurt all parties, from the lender company to the government. One example is the lending company Vauld. Unlike traditional lending services, crypto lending solely depends on the algorithm to determine the opportunities. It works when the market goes up but it does not work when the market goes down. When valuation goes up, the interest payments are worth less than the company holds. However, the interest payment is worth more than the company has when the market goes down. He suddenly reversed the market, putting the company out of business immediately.

What is next for crypto lending in terms of transparency and regulation?

The crypto lending market is small and has little industry publicity, meaning there is not much regulation or regulation-like regulation that could be applied. However, it would be wise to consider this market a low-hanging fruit, as most regulatory and legal developments occur very slowly in a sector that experiences massive fluctuations in demand and supply.

Bottom line

The demand for high-quality banks in this market is very large. There will be no significant movement in the market with the advent of decentralized, blockchain-based ledgers. And with the advent of more blockchain-based assets, demand for high-quality banks will continue to grow. However, a major event like a government ban on virtual currency will spark a meaningful change in the market. There is little chance of this happening soon. With so much disruption and uncertainty in this sector, it is unrealistic to predict the future of bankine. But one thing is for sure: the use of blockchain in banking will become more common, if not inevitable, in the near future.

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We are in a recession, no doubt?!

Are we in a recession? Well, it depends on who you are talking to.

The traditional view is when there are two consecutive quarters of decline in a country’s real gross domestic product is commonly used as a practical definition of a recession.

But, the definition of a recession has started changing.

Nowadays, we cannot agree on the definition anymore. Everything is open and up to debate.

All indicators show that we are heading or have already in a recession.

From the government bailout companies to not allowing a recession anymore in the economy, where are we heading if there is no clear guidance on the economy from the government?

So, we are technically in a recession, but we are not in a recession.

And we are heading into an even worse economic cycle:

But that is okay, and we can redefine everything from now on.

Here is the question about a recession, is a recession man-made or a natural process?

If a recession is caused by humans and is a man-made event, the government has the right to change the definition. Since the government has been created collectively to represent the majority of the people in the nation, they have a right as a creator of the collective force to change the definition of the recession.

What if a recession is a part of nature?

Then refusing a recession is a violation of natural law.

I think a recession is man-made, and it is okay for the government to change the definition if they want to. They have to convince citizens that the change is acceptable. 

So, we are in a recession according to the traditional definition, but we may not yet be in the recession if the broader definition claims “a significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and that lasts more than a few months.”

At the end of the day, it becomes a political debate that does not affect people’s daily lives.

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The Froots Are Here and Moving Fast

I was surfing through transactions on the Solana blockchain yesterday, and I noticed a large volume moving on Froots NFTs and decided to check things out.

Froots NFTs sold out fast, and the floor started running up. The mint price started at 2.75 Sol on July 21st. When I saw the project and could get in yesterday, the floor was sitting at 4. Last night and today, the Floor has been floating around 5.5 to 6.5.

What are Froots?

Froots is a collection of 7,777 fruit NFTs.

Froots, also known as ‘The Vibers of Solana’ is a community driven project of cute froots that aims to spread good vibes and provide its holders with great opportunities, through their different ventures. With Froots, we want to experiment and set a precedent for what can be done between Web2, IRL businesses and Web3. While our main goal is to develop multiple subsidiaries in various industries ranging from F&B, Merch, Books,etc… We will always put our community first and make sure that we’re always innovating and keeping it fun.


Let’s Breakdown the Froots NFT Project

The project appears to be a fast-release project. A short roadmap section briefly discovers the project and utilities of the NFTs. Froots announced that only 3 of the 6 NFT utilities had been released the other 3 are still a surprise.

What is Driving the Popularity?

It’s all about the community. The Froots has a fantastic community helping to push this project to the top of Solana.

The Road Map

Froots is a multi-venture brand where holders of the genesis NFT collection will be benefiting from each ventures of the Froots umbrella, through our rev-share program. The first subsidiary will be a juices/smoothies company, and the 2nd one is a merch service venture to help projects develop high quality merch that suits their needs and brand image. We have a lot more in stock but we’d rather overdeliver than overpromise, however we can tell you that the future of Froots will include: Merch, 1/1 Charity Auctions, Web 2 + Web 3 partnerships, Lore related projects, Cute art… and VIBES!

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My Thoughts On Froots NFT Solana Project

I had to jump in on the rise up and make a little profit at least. I love the idea behind it and am curious to see what the other utilities will be. I will also hold at least one just to see where the project goes. They make some cool PFPs for Social Media when all else fails.

The dollar is ever stronger

The global financial crisis has permanently altered the face of finance. When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, many financial institutions, including banks and credit card issuers, were hurt. But even though many banks are still reeling from the impact of the crisis, it’s unknown how much longer they’ll be able to operate normally. Unfortunately, the global financial turmoil has also proven to be a blessing in disguise for products like debt bonds and Bitcoin. While it was previously thought that these two digital currencies would never take off as a medium of exchange, both have grown steadily throughout this past year, and their increasing use as an alternative to traditional money poses a growing threat to central bank control over these currencies. In this article, we discuss the risks posed by introducing Bitcoin and other digital currencies into everyday life, their potential benefits for institutional investors and industry players, and how governments worldwide are working to understand their use cases.

What is Bitcoin?

The all-new Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that uses online technology to store data and execute transactions. It is not intended as an actual physical object but as an electronic digital currency that uses algorithms to secure transactions. The blockchain, the consensus mechanism behind the network, provides an architecture that enables users to record and verify transactions without any central authority having control over the data. But Bitcoin is not an ideal currency to use because of the complexity of using the wallet for the general public and the unstable price, which prevents users from spending rather than holding.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

One of the most critical roles that banks and financial institutions play is to issue money and conduct business through bitcoin-based payment systems. As of now, only a select group of banks and financial institutions in the United States and Europe accept bitcoin as an option for payments. Although there is no central bank for Bitcoin, whales are influencing the market, which is volatile. In addition, using Bitcoin is prone to scams because there are more scamming online that are likely to bait users into transferring their Bitcoin without the possibility to reverse the transactions.

Benefits of Bitcoin as an Alternative to Money?

At its core, money is a transaction between people. It’s the act of adding money to another account or the flow of money from one account to another. In the case of the financial crisis, it was the adoption of Bitcoin that changed the landscape. As the first digital currency to gain widespread popularity, it has been used to replace cash as the medium of exchange. Now, more than ever, people need access to digital payment options like debit cards, credit cards, and other cash-based payment systems. However, cryptocurrency usage can increase when the dollar is more robust due to cheaper transactions and lower prices. 

Strong Dollar Environment

If you live in a country with the dollar as your fiat currency, you are the lucky dog! The strong dollar will deleverage the debt faster and shorter the maturity of debt. Moreover, since all assets hedge dollar, the stronger the dollar has, the lower the asset valuation. 

Risks of the Introduction of Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies into Everyday Life

Beyond the obvious threat of being banned by every central bank in the world as well as the increased risk of identity theft and other security issues as a result of digital payments, it is also important to note that the introduction of new technologies and industries poses new challenges that need to be addressed by both business and government. Some of these challenges include creating an ecosystem that can support both new technologies and old ideals, maintaining the necessary level of technology infrastructure to support both new technologies as well as existing ideas, and making sure those new technologies are used in a meaningful way.

How does a business case for regulating and controlling digital currencies look like?

It’s important to remember that this is an emerging industry that, until now, has been treated as off-the-shelf technology. Therefore, regulatory bodies need to understand how it works, its main ideas, and its main risks so they can determine whether or not to regulate or regulate appropriately. Regulators need to protect users through regulations but without interfering with the crypto’s growth technology.


The global financial crisis will change the landscape of asset valuation, and investors will have to re-evaluate their strategy. Likewise, the institutions will have to change their old way of doing business and adapt to the new ideas of the future asset class. Otherwise, each crisis will likely screen out the weaker assets and make people suffer from the loss. It is also an opportunity to see how Crypto can weather through the financial uncertainty into the future and eventually become a leading financial asset through the upcoming digital revolution.

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55% completion of Ethereum 2.0 means an unfinished product

Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency and digital token that can be used to build decentralized applications. However, its primary use case as of late has been in the Ethereum platform itself. Ethereum is a public blockchain-based platform that can be used to build decentralized applications such as smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer programs that run on a virtual machine called an “Ethereum node,” where users execute them and are weighed down by various transaction costs. This means Ethereum users must have access to a computer with enough processing power to execute their smart contracts. Otherwise, they risk running into problems during the operation. This issue is particularly concerning for people who want to build decentralized applications with Ethereum because it limits the number of transactions possible each second on the system to around 25 transactions per second. This means that Ethereum cannot scale up its current use cases without an efficient technology behind it, as other blockchains have done over time, such as Bitcoin. Apparently, Ethereum is an unfinished product.

Ethereum Platform and Functionality

The main use case for Ethereum is as a platform for building decentralized applications. However, it can also be used for other tasks, such as payment processing or even as a currency. As one of the oldest technology families in the world, the Ethereum family of systems has seen rapid growth over the years. The current version of the protocol is called “dApps” which stands for “decentralized application,” and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The basic idea behind a d Apps is that the users build applications that run on the blockchain. The applications are run on the blockchain through smart contracts written in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. When a user wants to execute a transaction on the blockchain, he publishes a smart contract that contains the information needed to complete the transaction. This data is verified and recorded on the blockchain. When the user wants to conduct another transaction, he also publishes a smart contract that includes the details needed for that transaction. This transaction is also verified and recorded on the blockchain. The system then sends these verified transactions to the blockchain and lets users execute them. If the user’s application detects any issues, he can contact a team in the field to resolve them and still have full access to the application.

Ethereum Benefits

– Decentralized apps (dApps) 

– User-generated content (UGC) 

– A new way of doing business 

– Financial security 

– Low power consumption 

– Easy to use 

– Trustworthy 

– Universal platform 

dApps can run on any device with an internet connection

Ethereum Disadvantages

– Lack of infrastructure: no way to create a full-blown ecosystem with apps and dApps 

– Lack of tools: no way to build applications without any help from the community

How to Buy Ethereum

If you’re starting out building decentralized apps (dApps), you’ll probably want to start with buying and creating an account with an online exchange like Binance. Many different exchange platforms are available, so you can try using an exchange like Binance, which offers both fiat and digital fiat currency options. Once you’ve set up your account, you can trade your fiat money or cryptocurrency for tokens or apps like the ones we’ve covered.

Decentralized Apps for All Platforms

As mentioned above, you can start building decentralized apps for all platforms, including iOS and Android. There are many different options when it comes to building an app for the respective platforms; this is because each platform has other use cases and requirements. You should research the platforms you plan to build applications for and try out applications that are favorable to your business model.


The hype around Ethereum has been huge and shows no signs of slowing down. Cryptocurrency has seen rapid growth in the last few years and has become a household name in the digital currency realm. It can be used to create decentralized applications that run on the blockchain and are verified by the network. It can also be used as a payment network, as well as as a store of value. Given all these uses, it’s easy to see why this digital currency is a great option for building decentralized applications.

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Polygon Releases Advance in Ethereum Scaling

Today Polygon MATIC announced the implementation of #zkEVM, which is fully open-source. #zkEVM is a big move for Ethereum scaling and ZK innovation.

We all know that Ethereum needs to scale, but won’t that mean sacrificing security and decentralization? Not with Polygon #zkEVM. It inherits the security of Ethereum while increasing throughput and radically reducing fees. The best part? It’s fully EVM-equivalent.

EVM-equivalence means that any smart contract or dev tool that you can use on Ethereum can be used on Polygon #zkEVM. Period. It’s just like using Ethereum, but with the groundbreaking scaling power of ZK tech.

Like any ZK L2, Polygon #zkEVM “rolls up” a batch of transactions and uses a ZKP to validate those transactions on Ethereum. Unlike any other ZK L2, Polygon zkEVM leverages the fastest ZK tech with #plonky2, while giving users and devs the convenience of EVM-equivalence.

Polygon #zkEVM doesn’t sacrifice speed or raise costs to achieve this game-changing EVM-equivalence. It will achieve high throughput, low latency, and low fees. EVM-compatibility without compromise.

Polygon #zkEVM is the first technology of its kind. No other scaling solution harnesses the potential of ZK proofs while achieving EVM-equivalence. And this is only the beginning. Learn more about Polygon #zkEVM and the roadmap here.

Polygon Matic

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How Three Arrows Capital Missed Every Target They Aimed

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Three Arrows Capital (3AC) just wiped out its investment capital of nearly $3 Billions in months. The cause of the collapse like through high leverage decentralized finance (DeFi) and high debt ratios. 

Let’s explore why 3AC instantly collapses.


Su Zhu and Kyle Davies are the founders of 3AC. The company was founded in 2012 to provide superior risk-adjusted returns. Ironically, the risk did not adjust properly, and the company went out of business instantly.

Investment Strategy

We do not know how 3AC invest their funds, but we do know they invested in:


Own houses:

How to Run a Crypto VC like a Criminal

Step 1: run

Step 2: sue your own company

Step 3: aks your spouse to join the lawsuit

Bankruptcy Document

Thanks to the internet and the transparency of the Singapore law, you can learn a lot from the court document on what happened on 3AC.

Some breakdown of the investment portfolio:

Genesis – $2.3B

Rest of the 24 companies – $1.2B

Founders on the run while suing their own company. 

Where is My Money

Try to ask where is my money:

Many companies invest in 3AC forces to liquidate. DRB Panama is one of them.

Where are the Founders

Founders ran away while filing to sue their own company.

And they enjoy their private jet on investors’ cash

Anyone who Touches 3AC is Cursed

Coinbase just announced they did not have invested 3AC.

True Degen

3AC brings all true Degen together to blow up:

And what is up with Kelly Chen?

More to Come

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Cyber criminals using crypto mixing services are booming

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The world of cryptocurrency is growing exponentially, but with this new popularity comes a rise in cybercrime. New virtual currencies such as Bitcoin make it possible for users to transfer money without intermediaries or third parties. This process is called “crypto mixing” and involves assigning digital tokens, so the final receiver appears to be a different user, concealing their real identity. A study by Cisco revealed that cyber criminals are now using crypto mixing services to launder their money while they remain undetected. The report found that over 800 known cryptocurrency mixing services operate as a virtual black market, allowing cybercriminals to hide stolen funds from exchanges and users. Keeping in mind that the value of virtual currencies has grown drastically over the past year, it’s no surprise thieves are jumping on this opportunity. Read on to learn more about this growing trend and how you can protect yourself from being victimized by crypto-laundering hackers.

What is Crypto Mixing?

Crypto mixing is a type of online money laundering that exchanges one cryptocurrency for another to conceal the source of the funds. Cryptocurrencies are designed to be decentralized and to not have any central authority that can control the flow of cash. This makes it nearly impossible to track the source of money sent through these systems. Crypto mixing services have popped up online to help users launder their money. Users send their funds to one of these services and then are sent funds that are of equal value but come from a different wallet address. This way, the source of the funds is almost impossible to trace. There are several different types of mixing services. Some only allow the user to exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another, while others allow the user to send in a wide variety of digital currencies and receive a different assortment in return.

Why are Crypto Mixers so Popular?

Two main reasons cybercriminals turn to crypto mixers to launder their money. First, the public image surrounding cryptocurrencies has been tarnished by stories of hackers stealing funds from exchanges. Crypto mixers allow cyber criminals to continue stealing money from an exchange and then send their stolen funds through a crypto mixer to make the stolen funds untraceable. Second, new regulation has made it difficult to move funds through banks. Crypto mixers allow cyber criminals to exchange their fiat money for cryptocurrencies and then send their crypto funds through a crypto mixer to convert their cryptocurrencies into a different digital currency.

How Does Crypto Mixing Work?

Crypto mixers are online services that allow users to send in their funds and receive a different amount of funds back from a different wallet address. The mixer will exchange your funds for other funds and then send you an additional amount from a different wallet address. Your wallet address is made up of a long string of letters and numbers. The mixing service will take your wallet address and then add random numbers to the end of your wallet address. The service will then send your funds along with other users’ funds to the exchange wallet address. The exchange will then send your funds along with the other funds to the receiving wallet address specified by the user. The funds that the mixing service gets from the exchange will use a different wallet address than the receiving wallet address that the user specified. This way, the source of the funds is almost impossible to trace.

3 Services Used by Cyber Criminals

There are a variety of crypto mixing services that cyber criminals use, each with their own unique features. Below, we’ve listed a few crypto mixing services that are used by cybercriminals. Bitcoin Fog – Bitcoin Fog is one of the most popular crypto mixers that are used by cybercriminals. You can only deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and you can’t withdraw fiat money. There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC/ 0.001 ETH per month. 

Crypto Fog – This service allows you to deposit and withdraw various virtual currencies. There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.01 ETH. 

BitCloak – This option allows you to deposit and withdraw various virtual currencies. There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.01 ETH. 

Bitcoin Mixer – This option allows you to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin. There is a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC.

How to Protect Yourself from Crypto-Laundering?

The best way to protect yourself from crypto-laundering is to know what signs to look for if you’re using a crypto mixer. Here are some things to look for if you’re using a crypto mixer. Slow Withdrawals – If you’re using a mixing service, it might take you a week or two to receive your funds. If you’re sending your money to a mixing service and then you wait for weeks and weeks for your money, something is wrong. Increased Minimum Withdrawal Amount – Mixing services are generally free to use, but some may charge a small fee. If the mixing service you’re using suddenly increases the minimum withdrawal amount, the service may be a scam.


Cyber criminals are using crypto mixing services to launder their money while they remain undetected. The value of virtual currencies has grown drastically over the past year, and it’s no surprise that thieves are jumping on this opportunity. Make sure to stay informed about these crypto mixing services and how they work so you can protect your assets from being stolen by cyber criminals.

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Play to Earn Crypto Games You Should Check Out

Play to earn crypto games have started to rise in 2022. I wanted to share a few of the early projects that I have been following and believe have great potential to earn and gain profit.

Legends of Bezogia

Legends of Bezogia is my favorite play to earn project that I am following at this point. The project is packed with a lot of potential for financial gain from many angles.

Ways to Earn with Legends of Bezogia

Bezogia NFT Rental

Bezogia requires an NFT to play the game. The catch is that it is actually a free-to-play game and you do not have to actually own the NFT to play. The NFTs are rented out by the owners for players to use in the game.

The players do not pay anything for the NFT but a portion of their earnings goes towards the owner of the NFT that is being used to play the game.

Bezogia NFT Resale

If you get tired of making money from renting out or playing the game using your NFT you can always opt to resale the NFT on OpenSea. The original price was 0.16 ETH with a current floor price of 0.22 ETH. Most of the Bezogis up for sale are above the 0.50 ETH price level.

Play the Game | Earn Mint and Sale

If you play the game you will be able to earn crypto for sale and you will have the ability to mint items and additional Bezogi that can be sold on the market.

Even though it’s not earning you can also buy Bezoge Earth tokens now and see where it goes when the game launches the Beta version in August 2022.

The whitepaper has just been released and I highly suggest checking it out.

SolChicks Play to Earn Crypto Game on the Solana Network

SolChicks has been a rising star in the play to earn sector on the Solana Network.

SolChicks Saga is a play-to-earn (“P2E”) multiplayer role-playing game where the players’ unique SolChicks NFTs are used as their game characters. Our mission is to make SolChicks Saga first and foremost fun, and we are mainly targeting soft to mid core players who are looking for a unique experience in a friendly setting.

Players can participate in SolChicks Saga in multiple ways, be it leveling their characters through participating in PvE or PvP challenges, farming the rarest items and seeking hidden treasures, or even just treating your SolChicks as virtual pets to pass time. Amongst the key differentiating factors is that SolChicks Saga is NFT driven where the SolChick NFT will act as the player’s in-game avatar.

There are new play to earn crypto games coming out. Do you have a favorite play to earn game? Let us know in the comments.

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