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Pudgy Penguins: What You Need to Know About NFTs

What are pudgy penguins? You may be wondering that very thing after reading the title of this blog post. Pudgy penguins are a new type of non-fungible token that is starting to make waves in the cryptocurrency world. So let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they work.

The Birth of Pudgy Penguin 

Pudgy is a virtual penguin that was created by game developer Brian Flynn in late 2017. The original Pudgy Penguin was auctioned off for over 250 Ethereum (ETH), making it one of the most valuable NFTs ever created!

Where are Pudgy Penguins Stored?

Pudgy penguins are digital tokens that are stored on a blockchain. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can be traded or used to purchase goods and services, pudgy penguins cannot be divided into smaller units. This makes them unique and more valuable than other types of tokens.

Unique NFTs

Unlike fungible tokens, which can be divided and traded in fractions, each NFT is unique and has its own identity. This makes them ideal for representing rare or one-of-a-kind items, such as championship rings or works of art. In addition, because they can’t be divided and exchanged like regular currency, NFTs tend to have a higher value than traditional tokens.

Max Special Factor 

What makes pudgy penguins so special? One of the things that set them apart is their cuteness factor. They are also very rare, which makes them even more valuable. In addition, they can be used to represent ownership of assets like art or collectibles

Pudgy penguins are a new type of NFT that is being used to represent physical property. These tokens can be used to represent anything from land titles to rare collectibles. In addition, pudgy Penguin owners can use them to prove ownership and track the history of their assets.

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How do Pudgy Penguins Work?

To create a pudgy penguin, you first need to own some ERC20-compliant tokens. These can be acquired through an online exchange or from another user who already owns them. Once you have some tokens, you can use a special NFT creation tool to create a unique pudgy penguin that will represent your ownership of the underlying tokens. The pudgy penguin is then stored on the blockchain in a secure digital wallet, where it can be accessed by anyone who has the appropriate permissions.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Pudgy Penguin?

There are many benefits to owning a pudgy penguin, chief among them being security and liquidity. Since each NFT is unique and cannot be replicated, they are immune to fraud or theft. And because they are traded on decentralized exchanges, they can be quickly and easily converted into other assets, including traditional fiat currency. This makes them an ideal investment for those looking to hedge against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

Other NFTs

While Pudgy may be the most famous example of an NFT, he is certainly not the only one. In recent months, there has been a surge in the popularity of digital collectibles and games that use NFTs. Some of these games include CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity.

Why The Hype? 

So why are NFTs so popular? Part of the reason is that they offer a unique way to collect and store value. Unlike fiat currencies or traditional assets, NFTs cannot be replicated or counterfeited. This makes them appealing to investors and collectors who are looking for a more secure way to store their wealth.

Another reason why NFTs are becoming more popular is because of their utility in games and other digital applications. For example, CryptoKitties uses NFTs to represent virtual cats that can be collected, traded, and sold by players. Similarly, Decentraland uses NFTs to represent virtual land parcels that users can buy, sell, or rent.

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, we are likely to see more innovative applications for them. So far, they have proven to be a valuable asset class with much potential.

How to Get Started with Pudgy Penguins

If you’re interested in purchasing pudgy penguins, there are a few things you need to know first. So here’s everything you need to get started with pudgy penguins.

  • First, you need to have a pudgy penguin wallet. This is where you will store your tokens. There are several different wallets available, so be sure to choose one that meets your needs.
  • Second, you need to find a reputable pudgy penguin exchange. These exchanges allow you to buy and sell pudgy penguins for other types of cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.
  • Finally, you need to know how to use the pudgy penguin protocol. This is the underlying technology that makes pudgy penguins work. If you’re not familiar with it, be sure to do some research before buying any tokens.

Since pudgy penguins are still in development, there are many unanswered questions about how they will be used. However, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we handle the physical property.

That’s everything you need to know about pudgy penguins. They may be a new type of token, but they are sure to be a big hit in the cryptocurrency world. So don’t miss out – get started today!

Bored Ape Yacht Club: What You Need to Know About This NFT

If you’re looking for a new way to invest your cryptocurrency, look no further than Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a new type of Non-Fungible Token that’s been shaking up the crypto world lately. This NFT is quickly gaining in popularity, and for a good reason. In this article, we’ll describe what Bored Ape Yacht Club is and explain everything you need to know about it. We’ll also discuss the potential benefits of investing in this unique NFT. So read on to learn more about this exciting new opportunity.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset that cannot be replaced. They are often used in gaming and virtual worlds and can be traded on decentralized exchanges.

What is the Bored Ape Yacht Club?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a non-fungible token (NFT) that was created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC-20 token, and it can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. The BAYC is used to access exclusive content and experiences from the Bored Ape team. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a new type of NFT that was created by Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow. It is a members-only club that offers exclusive benefits to its members, including discounts on merchandise, early access to new products, and special events.

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Benefits of Owning a Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most popular NFTs available today. It offers users a wide range of exclusive content and experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Some of the benefits of owning a BAYC include:

  • Access to exclusive videos, articles, and podcasts from the Bored Ape team
  • Exclusive discounts on products from the Bored Ape store
  • Entry into monthly raffles to win Bored Ape merch and other prizes
  • The ability to vote on and shape the future of the Bored Ape brand

How do I Join the Bored Ape Yacht Club?

To join the Bored Ape Yacht Club, you must first purchase a membership token. Membership tokens can be bought with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. Once you have a membership token, you will need to create an account on and verify your email address. After that, you will be able to log in and access all of the club’s benefits.

Why Is Bored Ape Yacht Club So Cool?

There are several reasons why BAYC is so popular. Some of the key benefits include:

  • The ability to trade with other users on decentralized exchanges – This allows you to buy, sell, or trade BAYC tokens with ease.
  • The use of an off-chain auction system -This ensures that the value of BAYC remains high and stable.
  • Partner brands and businesses -BAYC has partnered with several well-known brands and businesses, allowing users to redeem rewards for products and services.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you’re interested in learning more about Bored Ape Yacht Club or want to get involved, there are a few things you can do:

  • Visit the official website at for more information on how to purchase BAYC tokens.
  • Join the official Discord server to chat with other users and learn more about the project.
  • Follow the official Twitter account to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

BAYC is quickly becoming one of the most popular NFTs out there, so don’t miss your chance to get involved!

If you’re looking for an NFT that offers a lot of value, the BAYC is definitely worth considering. It’s one of the most popular options on the market, and it provides users with a ton of great benefits. If you want to learn more about this NFT, be sure to check out the official website.

Decentralized Social Media With

If you’re looking to make a little cash from your social content, then is the answer. helps you get paid for your social content and provides decentralized social network services which allow you as the user to very easily tag their social media posts with NFTs.

About Decentralized Social Media Platform

The Plugin.IO team is based in Manchester and England. The team’s mission is to build
the world’s first crypto-social network on decentralized tech, also known as web 3. This
mission came from their desire to leave mainstream social networks and provide
better user data policies and greater freedom. Current Status

The Decentralized Social Media platform is still in its early stages. Just like with most early platforms now is the time to get the most benefit and freebies.

Currently on you can submit standard posts, like comment, etc. There are a lot of feature plans that will be rolling out this year.

If you want to get in early you can sign up here.

To help eliminate spam there is currently an NFT to purchase to start. In return you will receive early tokens. I opted for the early bird diamond package.

Future Additions for

  • NFTs minting with Solana and possibly additional blockchains.
  • An on platform 3D engine.
  • A metaverse.
  • Live video feed posting.
  • An on platform game app store. This has started but is not 100% complete yet. There are some games to play. They are still working on tutorials and development tools.
  • The abilty to add plugin apps and games to your website.

There are a lot of discussions on additional features later but these are the main focus at this time. Developer Resources

  • Getting started- where you can commence building your very first application.
  • Tutorials- where you can follow their step-by-step guide to building some aging web applications.
  • Documentation – where you can learn more about specific development features through the documentation pages.
  • Developer blog- where you can follow developer news as well as learn about
  • SDK updates with their developer blog.

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Plugin.IO SDK

The plugin.IO SDK allows you, the developer, to very easily add plugin.IO features to
your web applications. The features include login, monetization, social sharing, and
microdata storage, a marketplace and NFT features, and much more.
Plugin.IO’s focus is to provide greater user experiences with simplicity and most of the
SDK features are available using a single API call.

The contents include

  • Getting started
  • Advert API
  • Analytics API
  • Camera API
  • Console API
  • Purchase API
  • Share API
  • User API

Plugin.IO’s Core Values

Innovation- they are fully committed to the ideals of decentralization and web 3.0, which includes the integration of various digital currencies and NFT’s as well as wallet ids and decentralized p2p asset hosting.

Trust-Plugin.IO has adopted an industry-leading position of trust with you, their user. Their guiding principles are founded on the idea that privacy is of the utmost importance and a fundamental right for users. They believe that the collection of personal data should be accordingly limited. Plugin.IO is different from other social network services. They vow never to sell any of your data, build extensive behavior profiles, and not use any tracking cookies whatsoever.

Plugin.IO has the collective vision, which places technology as an incredible tool that can be used for good. Its mission is to enable you to have individual liberty and improve all human lives.

Environmental Responsibility- Plugin.IO takes environmental impact quite seriously. They’ve made a clear decision to avoid any proof of work consensus for their NFTs and NEKOs. They use a private and permissioned blockchain along with industry-leading authorities.

Plugin.IO can be found on other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

As they continue to innovate in the social and creative space, Plugin.IO promises to deliver better real-world application services.

Plugin.IO is pretty fair and trustworthy. Everything is transparent to you, the user. So sign up today and start making some easy cash. You can also earn up to $50 just by referring a friend.

More Cryptocurrency News

The Art Collective Multichain DAO by Metazens

The Metazens, Metaverse Citizens, is one of my favorite projects recently launched on the DeSo blockchain. A professional artist created the DAO NFT project by the name of Meredith Marsone from New Zealand.

About The Art Collective DAO

The Metazens were minted on the DeSo blockchain to kick off the beginning of the Art Collective Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 20 original hand-drawn NFTs were the first steps to develop the 5,500 generative multichain series.

Multichain DAO NFT Project

The NFTs will be released as follows:

  • 20 Genesis on DeSo
  • 35 Super Rare Metazens with Music by Murkury
  • 500 Generative on DeSo
  • 2,500 Generative on Solana
  • 2,500 Generative on Ethereum

Just a heads up minting a Metazen on DeSo will get you a free Metazen on the Solana blockchain. Excellent 2 for 1 deal. If you do not have an account on DeSo, you can sign up on DiamondApp.

Each one of the blockchains will have its own DAO. 25% of the money from the NFTs sold will finance the DAO. The DAO will vote on purchases of NFTs and benefit from the profits when sold.

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The Future of The Metazens

This is not your ordinary NFT or DAO. It is turning into a fun project with great potential to become highly profitable.

So far, on the DeSo platform, the project is doing a derivative project for prizes and is about to launch Metamorphs. You will be able to use 2 of the generative mints to get a custom morph. The great thing about these morphs is that you still keep the original.

Meredith and her team continue to create new ideas to keep the project alive and exciting. It is also starting to build up a great community. We would love to have you here.

You can see more about this project on the website or here.

Is The Upland Metaverse The Next Big Thing

The Metaverse is the next big thing. Today I will be reviewing the Upland Metaverse to see if I believe it will be part of the next big thing.

What is the Upland Metaverse?

Upland is a city-building metaverse based on real-world maps and addresses. The Metaverse is built on the EOS blockchain.

Upland currently has a particular link to get bonuses when you join. Receive 50% extra UPX with this link up to 50,000 coins.

Upland Metaverse Details

  • Upland has 40,000 active monthly users.
  • Uplands native coin is Uplexa. (UPX)
  • It is not really traded on an exchange yet. Purchase is available on the game itself.
  • Property can be sold for USD.
  • Play-to-Earn
  • Players have earned more than $1.5 million dollars since the Metaverse Started.

What Can I Do On Upland?

When I first started on Upland, the only thing that you could do was buy property in Brooklyn or San Fransisco. There has been a substantial increase in availability since then.

Some Of The Areas Currently Open

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Staten Island, NY
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Bronx, NY
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chicago, IL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Fresno, CA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Kansas, MO

As additional users join, more locations will be available. If you are late to the party, all big popular cities will cost a lot more money to purchase the property.

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Activities and Special Events

  • Hunt for treasure and get prizes.
  • Get houses and decorations to add to your properpty.
  • Complete collections and earn more.
  • Collect your UPX from the properties you own. It’s basically like collecting property rent instead of mining UPX.

Upland has been expanding rapidly with new features. They have dreams to turn it into a fully functional metaverse. They are adding businesses in the metaverse and anything else you imagine.

Top New Feature In Upland

Upland is getting in on American Football with collectible NFTs that Brands and personas can digitally sign. This is a relatively new item that I have yet to dive into fully.

Is The Upland Metaverse The Next Big Thing

So the answer to is Upland the next big thing is still not 100% answered. Is it? Only time will tell. Can it be? With the effort that is being put into development and the current features, I believe it has a solid chance to be a top metaverse.

Play To Earn – Pipeflare Gaming Marketplace

Play to earn is becoming more and more popular. The recent Metaverse hype makes it more attractive than previously expected. There are more and more play-to-earn platforms are coming. However, many require you with the initial investment. How do you join one without any payment required?

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Play to Earn

The idea of play to earn is when users play the game, they can collect virtual assets. Such opportunities can turn into a profit to exchange real currency. With blockchain technology, the game becomes more of a blockchain process. Gamers can become a node to help process gaming information and to reward gamers, tokens are incentives to not only trade in the game environment but also exchange for fiat currency in crypto exchanges. One may eventually work for the game and “live” in the game to generate their income one day.

Gain Can Not Without Initial Investment

The problem with play to earn is how to keep users continue playing your game? Either your games need to improve periodically so that users can continue experiencing new adventures or the game requires users to put more money into it. The latter choice is easier for developers to gain and make profits while users will continue to play games and try to earn back. Sounds like gambling after all.

Platform Without Initial Investment

Of course, there are platforms that without any initial investment. The problem with the platform is at some point, payment is required for you to easier advance the level. Or you may need to require view many advertisements so that you can gain more life and continue playing. You spend more time on the platform and you may gain as little as you want to.


Pipeflare is rather a platform without initial investment. It is a multiple features gaming platform. The idea is to support independent game developers and help them to build games on the platform. They have their native tokens that users can earn just simply join and sign up. There are many coin faucets you can claim daily if you do not want to play. Their game is relatively easy to play. And they also have their NFT marketplace to sell or users can create their own NFTs to sell. The entire platform is running on Polygon, which is a layer 2 solution of Ethereum. 

Why I think Pipeflare Has Potential

I think Polygon is growing faster with NFTs and Gaming adoptions. Layer 2 solution is a scalability solution that makes the platform run fast and cheap. Their native tokens are easy to transfer into Metamask wallet and you can exchange in crypto exchanges. They are on their way to expend and enter into Metaverse. They also have their own Defi solution from their own tokens to create tokenomic. It is a one to all platform that users can join and learn from.   

Daily Earning Opportunities

You can earn 1FLR (native token), ZEC and MATIC daily. There are more opportunities include airdrops, referral benefits, NFTs, game earning, and staking rewards. You can also download their app to earn tokens from Apple Store or Android Store

Come and join here and play more games to earn more tokens.

Tod Complex Animated Series Minting NFTs

Tod Complex is an animated series about a reptilian alien. The animated series is made by 5 friends that really love to create.

The animator for Tod Complex is Daniel Menezes. Daniel Menezes is an animator, musician, and talented NFT artist behind popular DeSo NFT collections Tod Complex and ZetaReticuli. 

I ran across this series a couple of months back on a platform called DeSo. DeSo is a decentralized social media blockchain that can also be used for minting NFTs.

About Tod Complex Animated Series

Who is Tod?

Tod Daminsky is a reptilian alien who works for a company called PARE (Planet Acquisition and Resource Extraction). A celebration of recent promotions at a company event leads to a confrontation with his nemesis Lumis.

Raising Funds for The Project

With this being an independent animated series it takes time to generate the animation with only one illustrator. The team has set out to try and raise funds to hire additional help to speed up the process.

The DeSo based NFT series is how I found out about the Tod Complex Series. Daniel is minting 111 Tod Complex NFTs. With the popularity of NFTs, it is a great way to help fund the project.

You can also learn more ways to donate to the project through the website.

Find out more about Daniel and the project from this interview.

Tod Complex NFT # 16 Super Rare

My Thoughts on the Tod Complex Animated Series Project

I really love the project and believe it has some amazing potential. It is highly underrated at this point. All this project needs is a little bit of exposure and it will be ready for launch.

You should check this project out and if you become a fan make sure you share, support, and engage.

If you are not on the DeSo blockchain you are missing out on an amazing experience and other great projects like Tod Complex. You can sign up here and KYC verify to get $25 free DeSo to get started.

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Multichain Metazens Emerged In The Metaverse

The METAZENS minted the first 20 NFTs on the DeSo platform today. The first 20 are the individually hand-drawn Genesis series.

Eighteen went for the first bid, and two were on a 24 hr auction. I somehow got lucky enough to grab one of the Genesis Series.

Metazens NFT Genesis #18

Metazens: The Citizens of Metaverse!

The Genesis Metazen Collection, consisting of 20 one of one Metazens developed as part of the artist’s process, is now on the blockchain. The Metazens Genesis Series is exclusive on DeSo, and they’re the first Metazens to exist on the blockchain!

At DeSo blockchain, they minted 20 Metazens on December 4th. All the Metazens sold on the first bid during the release except the #1 and #11 Metazens went under auction for 24 hours. You could purchase only one Metazen, which means one Metazen per wallet. The whitelisted DeSo wallets can participate in the inaugural mint of Metazens that will be open for 24 hours on December 11th, and the maximum limit is 4 Metazens per wallet. 

The Metazens are planning to provide you an opportunity to mint across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, DeSo, and Solona. You can sequentially mint Metazens on these blockchains, starting with DeSo (with a limit of 500), Solana (2500), and Ethereum (2500). 

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What are Metazens?  

The NFT project “Metazens” consists of 5500 generated digital collectibles PFP NFTs across multiple blockchains. The “Citizens of the Metaverse” are the Metazens, a diversified range of persona existing on multiple blockchains. Every Metazen has its features and rarities, including its personality description. 

Music NFTs having 10 seconds segments of the “Metazens – Citizens of the Metaverse” theme track produced by Murkury will be included with 35 exceptionally rare Metazens. The Metazen in your wallet will be your membership token to join The Art Collective DAO (ACDAO), a collective that collects, curates, and sells NFTs.

Metazen’s Vision

The aim of Metazens is to give back to artists through the development of the Art Collective DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The project of Metazens NFT is the catalyst. The Metazen project vibe has an inkling of inclusivity, escapism, anti-rivalry, uniquity, gender blending, coolhunting, and influence and exploring the personality attributes. 

The artist Meredith Marsone has created the Genesis Metazens Collection that represents the diversified digital appearances of metaverse personas and identities.

Metazens in Art Collective DAO (ACDAO) 

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is the native digital version of Coop or its related organizations. The Generative mint of Metazens will generate the fund utilized and managed by a new DAO. We are exploring the working of this DAO on the DeSo blockchain. When the DAO is created (i.e., your wallets are linked and validated as a collective), you will be able to get benefit from any secondary sales, which will be divided equally among DAO members based on a vote by the members.

We are pioneers! We are early! And by working together, we will be able to create something far more powerful than we could individually.

Metazen Market

The Metazens will provide you the Custom Metazen minting, which you use in the online Metazens market for trading purposes. For certain exclusive market items, you can use the $MTZN tokens. You can design the Metazen that precisely reflects your Metasoul by choosing your specific characteristics from over 400 attributes. As new products are added to the library, you’ll be able to update and shop your Metazen. The token data is referenced by upgraded PFP with the help of a dynamic image URL, whereas the original PFP is permanent and static. 

UglyAss DeSo NFTs Are Here And They Are Fire

DeSo NFTs are starting to heat up with some amazing artists.

Say Hi To UglyAss!

A Brief Intro From Ugly Ass Himself

UglyAss NFT is a hand-drawn art collection digitally remastered only available on the DESO blockchain created by ReFined Enterprises, LLC. 

UglyAss Graphic T’s and Hoodies available soon! After each drop, Graphic T’s and Hoodies will be made available with that NFT on them. Get your own customized UglyAss on your own UglyAss shirt! Message me on Twitter @uglyassco

100 Genesis UglyAsses –
Custom self UglyAss available upon request

First buyer bonus:100% of NFT sale gets used to purchase $uglyass Coin, and 50% of that purchase gets transferred back to the winning bidder.

Utility: 25% off @uglyass merchandise for as long as NFT is held. The utility is transferred to the new owner of NFT upon resale.

DiamondApp @UglyAss
Twitter @UglyAssCo

More About The DeSo Platform

On-Chain Profiles

Every user’s profile is stored on-chain and is solely controlled by the user’s private keys, making your identity portable between all apps in the DeSo ecosystem.

Social DeSo NFTs

NFTs minted on DeSo are associated with the artist’s profile, and can be shown off on the buyer’s profile, enhancing provenance while making them inherently social, and more valuable.

DeSo Social Tokens

Every profile created on DeSo can have a social token attached to it. Social tokens on DeSo earn cashflows from NFT sales, and soon all forms of creator monetization.

Social Tipping aka “Diamonds”

Because DeSo is a blockchain, it’s never been easier to integrate money-native features like tipping into your app. Tips can be integrated directly with content, e.g. allowing users to give “diamonds” to posts rather than just “likes.”

On-Chain Posts

Every post and reply is stored and indexed directly on-chain, meaning that your content is portable across all apps in the DeSo ecosystem. If one app’s algorithms aren’t showing you, love, there are thousands of others that will instead!

For More Info on DeSo: FAQ and Top Need To Know Info About DeSo – Crypto Bite

Planet Sandbox Eyes Initial NFT Offering (INO) on DarePlay and Babylons


Popular gaming platform Planet Sandbox has announced it’s Initial NFT Offering (INO) on DarePlay as the platform’s inaugural launch and later on Babylons, a popular BSC-centric NFT marketplace. The DarePlay launch will occur on November 10, with a whitelist opening on November 1 for $DNFT and $PSB holders. Babylon’s sale is slated for November 12.

DarePlay’s highly anticipated platform will offer ready-made in-game NFT marketplaces and host a wide range of NFT games. Targeting to be the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for digital assets, DarePlay solves many pain points of NFT 1.0, including many of the hidden risks around owning and transferring NFTs.

Babylon is equally impressive. As a next-gen community-governed NFT marketplace and a leading blockchain gaming aggregator on BSC, Babylon offers low gas fees, fast transactions and an easy-to-use minting platform where a user can create green NFTs, collect from amazing artists and trade their favorite gaming NFTs – all backed by a fully functional DAO fueled by $BABI tokens.

Mystery Box Sales Fuel Planet Sandbox Ecosystem

Planet Sandbox will be revealing new Mystery Boxes which will offer gamers a collection of weapons with varying rarity (5 levels), stars, and special skills. The limited special pricing means that this is the best and first chance for collectors to obtain these assets at a cheaper price than when the game is launched.

Users will be able to own and carry higher-tiered weapons into Survival PvP Mode, sell NFT weapons from the boxes on the marketplace, and even rent guns to other players. The Mystery Box sale will be exclusive to DarePlay and Babylons, where users can easily access and instantly purchase boxes at a reasonable price.

Overview of the INO on DarePlay

In total, there will be 1,500 Planet Sandbox Mystery Boxes for sale for 0.2 BNB each. Purchasers must use BNB to make the purchase. The 1,500 boxes will be divided into three pools. First, $DNFT holders (who have staked for 10 days in advance) will have access to 750 boxes with various tiers explained here. There will be a lottery system if there are more users than NFTs or spots available.

Second, $PSB holders will have access to 450 boxes based on a lottery system. Lastly, there will be a community bucket where 300 boxes will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

Overview of the INO on Bablyons

Slated for November 12, 2021, Babylons will offer 2,000 Mystery Boxes. Interested parties in the general sale must qualify by being existing $PSB or $BABI holders or by participating in the ongoing Gleam campaign. The listing price for each box will also be 0.2 BNB with varying requirements for each bucket.

First, 1,000 boxes will be listed for 0.2 BNB and will only be available for Bablyons community members currently holding 3,000 $BABI. Second, 600 boxes will be sold for $PSB holders as a first-come-first-served offering. Last, the 400 remaining boxes will be determined through the Gleam lottery, where 500 addresses will be chosen to enter the round.

More information about each sale can be found by following Planet Sandbox’s official social media channels.

What You Should Know About $DeSo – Crypto Bite
Source link

The Home of a New Breed of Evolving Digital Collectibles


NFT gaming has exploded in popularity in recent times, despite the sector still being in its infancy. The market opens up a new frontier where crypto enthusiasts can enjoy an exciting gaming ecosystem while receiving rewards simply for participating in the metaverse.

NFT-based games that integrate play-to-earn elements are among the fastest-growing sectors in the developing crypto space. They promise to overhaul the existing pay-to-play structures implemented by traditional incumbents like Nintendo, Atari, Microsoft and many more.

These old-fashioned businesses rely on in-game purchases to generate revenues and grow their platforms while offering players little to no return.

Unlike these traditional gaming models, the crypto gaming industry offers users financial incentives through gameplay. This approach has enabled the burgeoning sub-sector to become a sensation in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Participants can mint and trade rare in-game tokens (NFTs) that they can leverage to earn crypto-assets and fiat currencies on exchanges outside the metaverse.

NFT gamers worldwide can earn rare, immutable tokens with tremendous upside potential that they can trade in decentralized marketplaces for in-game perks such as avatars and accessories. Participants also play a significant role in shaping the architecture of the metaverse while receiving a share of the game’s revenue.

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The Evolution of NFT Gaming

The NFT gaming movement has taken flight in recent months with its promise of empowering users to earn as they play. Over the past 12 months, multiple GameFi platforms have emerged, seeking to cash in on the hype.

Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity has so far been the best performing play-to-earn game, attracting millions of new users while witnessing unprecedented growth in daily volumes.

Unfortunately, most NFT collectible games in the market lack innovation, possibly due to rushed development from industry participants looking to earn a quick buck. Consequently, many of these projects lack innovative features, immersive gameplay and an enhanced user experience.

SimBiotes has stepped into the scene with a revolutionary gamified ecosystem that is ushering in the next evolution of NFT collecting. The project introduces an innovative play-to-earn model where users can interact with evolving NFTs. Users can also enhance gameplay with their own collectibles and stake NFTs to earn lucrative yields.

Evolving and Third-Party Mutated NFTs

SimBiotes is a one-of-a-kind gaming metaverse with brand new NFT mechanics based on the concept of evolutionary science. Collectors, also known as ‘Scientists’, can interact with living NFTs and stimulate mutations to increase the rarity and value of their digital artwork.

NFTs in the gaming ecosystem will evolve from 2D collectibles to living, breathing 3D organisms, allowing players to enjoy their digital collectibles in a whole new way.

Moreover, the SimBiotes in-game environment will evolve over time, creating an expanding and engaging virtual world. The new game lets crypto enthusiasts give new life to their static NFTs outside their wallets and allows them to acquire new collectibles featuring unexpected attributes that increase their overall value.

The project’s team has partnered with top gaming developers and leading NFT creators to shape the evolution of the brand new metaverse.

The entire ecosystem will spawn from Embryonic Simbiotes, which are provably rare collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain that evolve and adopt new traits with each passing generation (a generation being every 100 blocks).

Scientists can fuel the evolution of their Embryonic Simbiotes by synthesizing new mutations in ‘The Lab’, SimBiotes initial main activity hub and in-game dashboard. These living NFTs evolve into new NFT strains dubbed ‘Simbiotes’ and then eventually into species. Simbiotes hatch eggs, which can then result in the spawning of secondary digital organisms called Cells.

Furthermore, players can experiment with their ever-evolving organisms to create a new breed of NFTs via Simbiotic Evolution in a special chamber called the ‘Petri Dish’. By allowing Simbiotes to interact with other digital collectibles such as CryptoPunks, Scientists can spawn mutated NFTs that they can trade to earn crypto and other in-game assets.

Transmuted third-party collectibles can also be integrated back into the Petri Dish to increase the chance of Egg-spawning for further rewards including tokens and Cells. The new game will issue 10,000 unique Simbiotes to early-bird investors during the upcoming Simbiotes Drop in late November.

How New Players can Earn on SimBiotes

Crypto investors who miss out on the Simbiotes Drop can join the action and advance in the game. The pioneering evolution-based biodigital metaverse offers a ladder into the game, allowing non-Simbiote holding players to participate and earn rewards in the metaverse.

Newcomers can also interact with living NFTs and leverage their digital artwork to generate new and unique art pieces while enjoying play-to-earn avenues within the gamified environment.

Players looking to join the game after the initial NFT sale can purchase Simbiotes from the game’s marketplace. These enigmatic laboratory creations offer powerful utility in the gaming ecosystem.

Non-Simbiote holding users can curate a collection of Cells and deploy them in rewarding battles dubbed ‘Cell Trials’. The project is working on new gaming mechanics that will facilitate Cells with a set of offensive and defensive traits to battle to earn biodigital energy.

Players who emerge triumphant from these contests can use their power-ups to enhance their in-game assets’ rarity, abilities, and longevity. Biodigital energy can also be sold in ‘The Field’ (the in-game marketplace) or be used by scientists to speed up Simbiote evolution.

Users can also leverage their existing digital art to mint new NFTs with unique characteristics in the metaverse. They can then sell their newly-mutated collectibles to players in the gaming platform and collectors on OpeaSea, a leading NFTs marketplace.

Join the Game-Changing SimBiotes Ecosystem

SimBiotes introduces a radical approach that empowers collectors worldwide to interact with and earn from unique, living digital collectibles on the blockchain.

The platform’s play-to-earn elements allow crypto fans to release their collection of static NFTs to evolve and fetch value in a decentralized marketplace (of course while keeping the original).

Investors in the upcoming Simbiotes Drop sale can experiment on their Embryonic Simbiotes and mint new NFTs with the potential to mutate and earn value in a collaborative, exploratory gaming metaverse.

As the SimBiotes community grows, players will have lucrative opportunities to generate new and valuable mutations from their digital collectibles. They also stand to win airdropped biodigital NFTs from top digital art creators in the cryptocurrency industry.


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