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Coinbase Customer Service Alive

Coinbase has notoriously customer service that put users on hold for months without answering their questions. Now they launch live support to try to gain their reputation back.


Coinbase live customer service may be a game-changer for their business. To regain users’  trust, customer service is an essential part of the business.

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Service Without Customer Supports

Coinbase wants their service smooth without human support. This model was a trend in the technology company who believes chatbots can replace human supports. They were wrong. Service without human support is horrible. It leaves customers feeling empty of their products when they needed the most. Active engagement of customers helps them to connect with your branding. 

Nightmare Customer Service

If you have a question and want to ask Coinbase. You will be lucky if you get a response within a month. Most people will not receive responses until they have already forgotten their submitted tickets or the response was to redirect them back to the help page.

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Real Human Workers

It seems there are not enough workers to support and help customers of Coinbase products. More importantly, people cannot find the answers they want to and they ran out of patients. Complaints were everywhere but the company did nothing to change it.

Coinbase Response

Coinbase realized their customer services are lacking and they tried to come up with a plan. Now they roll out live human support services to their customers. It is a great move that users can reach out to support. However, many users had left to choose other options since their frustration experience. Maybe Coinbase will fix their reputation from now on.

In Conclusion

Coinbase live customer support is a great move. However, they had lost many users and reputations. It will be difficult for them to repair their mistakes.

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