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Crypto Comics – PoW

I tried to explain Proof of Work in comic strips.


I explained my thought process of how I create a Proof of Work comic.

Limited Space

I found it difficult at first to explain such a complex idea in a few pictures with limited sentences. By selecting the core idea about Proof of Work, I may be able to explain the concept in a very simple way while I reach the core idea.

Proof of Work

The idea is a decentralized way to meet consensus through working toward a single truth that is verified by workers who are so-called miners. Of course, there is a more in-depth way to understand how actually the mechanism works within computer programming. However, for people that just barely know about crypto, it can help them to understand the core concept about why PoW is important.

Core Idea

My understanding of Proof of Work is a way to verify the spending without possibly letting the bad actor get away with inflating the network valuation. To let every participant compete is to have a fair way to select an accountable party who eventually validates the transaction and make sure such payment has been spent. The accountable party also broadcasts to every participant that such a transaction has been validated and is correct.

What Are Missing

What I did not cover is the problem that Proof of Work will bring to the network. Of course, I can have another comic to explain in detail. Also, I did not go into depth about how the actual computer works to mine and process the transaction. And the idea of a hash function is another core idea in Proof of Work.

In conclusion

At least, I highlight the core concept of Proof of Work. I will create more comics about such topics in the next issue.

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