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Crypto Comics – What is A Block

I tried to explain what Block is in comic strips.


I explained what Block is and how Block relates to Blockchain and Merkle Tree.

Some Takeaway

A block is a data structure within the blockchain database. It is a collection of data for each transaction in a cryptocurrency blockchain that will be permanently recorded. Each block carries information about transactions that require participants to validate. Think of a block as an accounting ledger with transaction data recorded in a datasheet and wait for someone to verify its authenticity and accuracy. Once a block has been validated, it will post in the blockchain and broadcast to the public, while a new block will be created for validation. The continuation of the process will form a network of data that links to each other through a chain. And the blockchain will be created. It will grow into a tree of data that others can go back to the history to validate its authenticity.

How a block works

Take an example of Bitcoin, in which a block will have elements such as magic number, block size, block header, transaction counter, and transactions. Each element gives important information for validators or miners to verify. To become more efficient, the correct and concise information helps miners process each verification promptly.

Block Size

Not to mention that each block has its limited size to constrain limited data. Thus, each block can only contain much information for miners to go through. 


The most important element of the block is the encrypted number that a miner must solve to verify the block and get their rewards. It is a mechanism to reach a consensus through a computational power that solves a puzzle through the hash. It is a core part that makes consensus as Proof of Work.

Block Height

Another element that you want to know is block height. In a literal sense, it is a measurement of the length of the block. In the form of blockchain, measures how many blocks previously have been created and verified. 

Merkle Tree

It is a type of hash result into a single hash. Hash is a mathematical way to turn information into a string of code. It then hashed and merged into a branch of information. Such a process will continue with each block to be created and closed. The tree will continue growing as long as the transaction continues.

In conclusion

A block is an information data container that records with limited transaction information from the blockchain to be created and verified. 

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