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Crypto Comics – What is WAGMI

I tried to explain what WAGMI is in comic strips.


I explained what WAGMI is and how you can use WAGMI in the crypto space.

Some Takeaway

WAGMI is short for We Are Gonna Make It. A phrase that Youtuber Jamie Tree used on March 24th, 2012 from Zyzz’s motivational video. Despite Zyzz’s death in 2011, the phrase lives on and becomes inspirational.            


During the 2021 GameStop squeeze, the catchphrase of WAGMI was frequently used in the spirit that one might lose their entire investment through gambling of stocks or go to the moon. Of course, the latter case was approved by many WallStreetBet members who won the GameStop war.

NFT Hype

Such spirit was quickly adopted by the NFT community and spread around on Twitter. Many early adopters of NFT promoted the WAGMI catchphrase and inflated it with FOMO. It is a win-or-lose situation in NFT when projects are about to launch. It was purposely to inflame the NFT spirit and convince as many people to join the NFT space without any care. 

What is Next

WAGMI is a meme phenomenon. It gives an extremely positive image of the future. This too optimistic view may trick you into thinking of taking more risks without any consideration. It is better for people to be aware of high risks and spend money with care. 

In conclusion

WAGMI is a meme catchphrase to become too optimistic to disregard risks. One should bear in mind that risks are there and they should be cautious to exercise the money with enough protection without ever recovering from a financial scheme.

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