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Crypto Comics – Who is Satoshi

I tried to explain Who Satoshi is in comic strips.


I explained my thought process of how I create a Satoshi in a comic.

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Some Takeaway

What we know is that Satoshi is the Bitcoin white paper creator and possibly a creator of Bitcoin. He or she or a group of people were actively prioritized in 2012 after releasing Bitcoin in 2009. We knew that Dorina Nakamoto is not the real Satoshi after the real Satoshi posted a claim in 2014 about himself not being Dorian Nakamoto. Also, both Hal Finney and David Kleiman were working for Satoshi but they both died tragically.

Dr. Craig Wright

He has claimed himself as the creator of Bitcoin in 2016 but many people disbelieved him as a real Satoshi. Not until 2021, did the family of a deceased man, David Kleiman, sue Wright for half of 1.1 million Bitcoin. Yet, Dr. Wright was never approved to be able to access the Satoshi wallet.

Core Idea

It does not really matter who Satoshi is at this point. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency that purposely removes a single point of failure. The creator of such crypto may introduce such a single point of failure and resemble what crypto may become. 

What Are Missing

There are many more candidates that are worth mentioning and create technology that beyond the usage of the cryptocurrency. Yet, those contributors tend to be forgotten in the public debates rather than ones who tried to bring light into themselves.

In conclusion

Who is Satoshi really is a century-old question. It brings mystery around Bitcoin and makes it more speculative. Yet the debate will continue developing, we will also share some of our appreciations on contributors who made such technology available.

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