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I tried to find a better way to learn new things since the crypto space has evolved so much faster than ever!


Knowledge is evolving faster than ever in the crypto space. Finding a better way to capture knowledge is a way to help people stay informed. The comic is one way that can help to capture the knowledge.

Rapidly Changing Crypto World

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world. 

– Lauren Bacall

Crypto space evolved at the fastest speed ever you can imagine. Every day, the space has created more exciting projects everywhere. Thoughts are colliding in even possible ways in every internet corner.  By the way, this week’s crypto space may not be the same as next week’s crypto space.

Information Knowledge

Some knowledge may never change such as the law of mathematics. However, information becomes merged into knowledge to create new knowledge. One of the examples is knowledge creation through platforms like Discord. While many people work at DAOs in Discord, they are sharing their knowledge with the information they received. Once they produced products or creations, new knowledge has formed. 

The Problem of Digesting Knowledge

It turns the learning process into a lifetime learning process. However, one may only have 24 hours per day to not just work but with many other essential activities to live their own life. And there is no way that you will know everything

Crypto Comics 

Of course, there is a way to capture everything and make more sense of information – informatics. By making sense of data, one can actually physically touch data through virtual reality. However, it will take a while to reach the maturity of the technology. Therefore, I am trying to use comics to share knowledge. I think comics are fun to read and you can immediately learn the core ideas about the topics.

In conclusion

Learning new things from comics can be fun. The most important thing is that comics are easy to read.

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