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Crypto is not impressive in the high-inflation environment



There is an economic moment where digital transformation is paramount.

Citizens need a digital economy that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, via home or online. The combination of IoT and AI coupled with blockchain lies at the core of this modern digital economy. As the global financial system supports digitalization of value, so does the financial sector too. A reduced transaction fee for high volume transactions, faster transaction confirmations, enhanced security, and streamlined payments system all make virtual currency safer than cash. Moreover, with the exponential growth in digitalization of information and communication technologies (DICTs), more individuals are connecting to online banking services every day to make online payments as convenient as possible. These people shop, check e-mail, phone calls etc., without leaving their homes or using public transportation because banks charge high transaction fees for withdrawals outside office hours. The average annual global bitcoin exchange price is $850 per coin in today’s environment. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) have grown rapidly in recent years to become a global reserve currency that is attracting new users daily. However, they offer very little if any return on investment compared to fiat currencies like dollars. Inflation- sensitive businesses will likely choose other assets rather than adopting digital currencies as their fallback option going forward.

What is inflation?

In a word: inflation. The process of increasing the amount of money in the system over time due to inherit and domestic demand. It is the result of money supply growth and is most likely the root cause behind many social problems such as high housing costs, extreme inflation, poor infrastructure, inadequate food and energy supplies, limited access to health care, and lack of secure and ordinate employment.

How to fight for inflation?

Current inflation is 8%. The federal inflation rate is 7%. According to the United States Federal Reserve, inflation is expected to rise to 12% in 2020. In other words, more people will start to purchase food and other items of critical importance to their survival. At the same time, the number of people who are able to rent or purchase a home will rise. More people are also expected to travel and make more use of public transportation.

How to Make a Crypto to fight inflation?

It is important to understand why inflation is so important. Given the fact that it is a very sensitive issue for many people, we need to understand the factors that are driving inflation and then take some steps to reduce or avoid its unfavorable effects in the future. People expect a higher return on their investment when buying expensive goods and services like a good education or a house. They also expect a higher price for their money when investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). In other words, people are attracted to risk with cryptocurrencies as they know they have good potential returns compared to other investments like stocks and real estate.


Digital transformation is transforming the financial sector in the 21st century. More and more people are using digital assets as the new medium of exchange and payment mechanism. These digital assets have come with rich benefits such as increased security, reduced risk, and reduced volatility. However, the overall digital transformation environment is likely to be volatile, with many new technologies and businesses emerging as opportunities. While most businesses will see significant growth in the short-term, some may also see significant long-term benefits from the adoption of blockchain-based technology in payments, insurance, and other areas. The only way to avoid the worst scenario is to implement and maintain high-quality control procedures for all digital assets. This article describes the most important factors driving inflation and how to fight it. It also shows how cryptocurrencies may fail in the near future and what could become the new reserve currency.

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Crypto Research

SBF is lying in front of the internet



He is lying again in front of everyone.

SBF has no ethics…

Trying to play dump and not know anything wrong is the opposite of letting people know you are a total screw-up.

IF FTX US is solvent, why you filed bankruptcy in the first place?

All he tried to do was indirectly point questions to his achievement, which is to scam people and use their funds for his own purpose.

FTX US is insolvent and he has not authority to present himself into FTX US anymore.

Likely money from FTX US were removed to cover all other expenses…

I really wonder if SBF has any backup documents to prove himself.

He is a straight liar…

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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How did crypto go wrong this year



As we approach the end of this year, everyone is still digesting the impact of the Internet-driven digital transformation in business and its associated headwinds. As a result, many businesses are looking ahead to the future with mixed feelings. On one hand, we have come a long way in building trust and self-awareness in our digital landscapes. On the other, we now have to acknowledge that some of these digital transformation efforts have been misguided or backward-looking. These are all good things—but they do not mean 2022 will be a great year for crypto. 

It’s hard to know what to take away from this year.

More crypto companies were bankrupted from Luna to 3AC to FTX and lost investors’ money. This is a classic ponzi scheme in which everyone misued users’ funds and steals to hedge their high risky bets, eventually leading to the collapse of everything. Crypto itself has nothing to do with all these business models of stealing people’s money, and it is a way they advertise and bring FOMO to people and lure their money into the space.

Everyone is working toward their own digital currency

While cryptocurrency is not done yet, countries have been tested their own CBDCs. It is a crypto-like digital currency without privacy. However, it can be a saver choice for many people to adopt.

Lesson Learned

What have we learned from this year? We need to go back to the fundamentals of crypto. Transparency, privacy, and permissionless are keys to making crypto unique. When crypto is suddenly worth ten folders, we abandon the fundamentals and chase money, making us vulnerable to scammers. We need to rethink why we joined and believe in crypto at the first place.


Crypto will be used in financial services. It will also likely find use in both the financial market and in the form of insurance eventually. In fact, insurance providers may be the first major players to embrace digital insurance—and this may include a blockchain-based platform. The ecosystem will vary from company to company, but most will have an online platform that facilitates the digital purchase, sale and management of coverage across multiple providers. However, to screen out bad actors before such adoption is a key to making crypto sustainable in the future.

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How to crypto lending is dead



Crypto lending is dead? What will replace it? How to get started with crypto lending? A recent FTX detailed the decline of crypto lending as a viable option in the wake of trust breaches. While crypto lending is still in infancy but its potential for misuse and potential conflicts of interest does not address the question why users funds kept being misused. We’ll explore why and how cryptocurrency lending has become such an toxic part of modern digital finance. We’ll also discuss some ways you can continue to use crypto and avoid crypto lending in all costs.

What is crypto lending?

Crypto Lending is a way for people to create money out of thin air! The technology is similar to borrowing money from other investors, but whoever runs a crypto lending business broke the trust and misused users’ funds to bet for high-risk venture capitals that lost all money that they can no longer pay off all funds they owed. The idea is that you, as the lender, create a “virtual” loan to someone else, usually with a small amount of collateral (fractional reserve). You then use the money to put into high risky investments from that person or pay for them with virtual dollars out of thin air. The “lender” loaned out of your money to help them potentially leverage high-risky bets and use your money to gain their profits. Lenders can even trade against your investments when you long the assets while they shorted the assets to double dip the profits.

Why does crypto lending no matter anymore?

There are no benefits to using a crypto lending option at all. Not all crypto lenders can provide transparency about their assets-backed reserves and are likely running fractional reserves with thin-air fake tokens to boost their own valuations. When they go bankrupt, their will file bankruptcy protection to protect their assets and liquidate all their crypto to defend themselves to go total losses. You are likely to receive a fraction of the money while they can preserve their assets that gained profits from your investments.

How to cryptocurrency lending is dead

This is the most common question we get: “How is crypto lending dead?” The short answer is that there are no longer viable financial solutions. 

2022 is the year large crypto lenders went bankrupt, from Celsius to FTX to BlockFi, all those companies are lied about their reserves and likely misused users’ funds for their own betting.

Damages from crypto lending

All bankruptcy gave one question about crypto: why did people lie about their businesses and violate their promises? The false assumption that crypto is always valuable is a problem and they use FUD and FOMO to lure investors into their questionable lending services and misguided users with their suspicious advertisements. Regulations are nothing to protect investors in crypto.


The future of financial products is uncertain. There is no one way to interpret the new year and get a clear perspective on what will happen. There are so many different scenarios and potential outcomes that it is difficult to predict. That being said, there are several scenarios that are very likely to come to pass. It is important to remain alert and participate in the ongoing financial market activity. If you are considering using a financial product, always research the product and make sure it is both legal and tax-effective. You also need to consider your personal financial situation and potential future expenses. That said, crypto is speculative, and crypto lending will not work.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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