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Crypto Paycheck

Employees will receive their paycheck in the period as a reward for their work. However, the employer wants to pay less to employees so that they can have maximum profits. The tension between working and anti-working has increased ever since.


Nobody wants to work unless they can pay fairly. Fiat payment may not be sustainable to satisfy what workers can contribute if the employer continues paying less and gaining more from profits. Employees will want their money paid by crypto.

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When Crypto Mainstream

Crypto mainstream is not necessary to only apply for institutional investors. Everyone can participate in the crypto movement, and they want their money paid by crypto.

Crypto Bank

Everyone wants to become their own bank. Cryptocurrencies can help one to achieve it. Decentralized finance is one way to help build a bank-like income stream. However, compared to traditional income from fiat currency, what you receive are what they are. Nothing you can change that. 

Anti Work

With more and more people burning out from their work, people wonder why they sacrifice their time and earn so little money to support their families. Yet, companies did nothing to change the work culture. Instead, they pushed employees away and headed into crypto for help.

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Crypto Paycheck

The idea of crypto paycheck is more feasible than fiat paycheck. Since the market fluctuates broadly, one can have incomes that potentially gain more than what you paid off. Therefore, even though there are risks to losing, people likely will save their earnings. 

Work For Yourself

It is likely everyone will work for themselves eventually due to the condition in which companies want to exploit more their employees and CEOs wish to pay more based on their minor contribution, which left many employees behind. As a result, the wealth gap will wider, and the government has done nothing to close the gap.

In Conclusion

Crypto paycheck is wonderful. If you have an option, please try this out.

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