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Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 01-09-22

Market Data Highlights

Bitcoin opens at $41K. It hits lowest at $41K and highest at $42K and stable around $41K ~ $42K. The average transaction fee is $1.81 which is a 21.98% decrease from 01-08-22. Fear and Greed level is at 23.

Ethereum opens at $3.1K. It hits lowest at $3.0K and highest at $3.2K and stable around $3.1K. The average transaction fee is $43.45 which is a 40.03% increase from 01-08-22. Fear and Greed level is at 23.

Also, you can view my 1 min video summary if you want to skip the reading:

Here are some highlights to support my analysis: 

NFT market highlights:

The NFT market is ignoring the crypto market now. It just has one direction: UP!

Today’s sentimental news and comments:

Bullish News ?

Tesla owners convert idle cars to Bitcoin mining machines.

Bearish News ?

LCX exchange got hacked and $6.8M got transferred to hackers’ wallets.

Polygon experiences a high gas fee that defeats its purpose on layer 2 functions.

Insiders sold Coinbase stocks aimed at the market downtrend.

Future Trend ?

Vitalik Buterin suggests a new fee structure for the Ethereum network.

Shanghai wants to convert into Metaverse city in the next five years.

Scam Alert ⚠️

Scam: MetaFloki Token

Reason scam: scam tokens with no value, inactive in trading

Scam types: fake promotion, rug pull potential, fake token

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