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Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 01-23-22

You can view my 1 min video summary if you want to skip the reading:

NFT market highlights:

The NFT market has been slow. The market seems to have recovered a bit. Next week will be very interesting to see how it will go.

Today’s sentimental news and comments:

Bullish News ?

MicroStrategy’s opinion about the current market down is just a correction and consolidating phases. It creates an opportunity for investors to enter at this point. I think this is usually the case for crypto investment in general.

Bearish News ?

Technology will run off the track when they over-promise their capability. Solana’s network outages show its lack of blockchain technology and users may lose their confidence in the long term.

DAO News ☯️

Floki Inu completes phase 1 of its DAO upgrades. Adoption from meme tokens is a way to survive in the long term.

Future Trend ?

Russia wants to ban protocol through their proposal but many people want to against the idea. Banning crypto protocol may close one door to access the future. It is a much large cost for people to lose.

Facebook wants to track your emotions through the Metaverse and they will patent that technology. Again, Facebook is trying to trick you. Possibly they are building an emotional database that is attached with emoji as well.

Scam Alert ⚠️

Scam: Solanium 

Reason scam: scam token that cannot cash out

Scam types: scam token, rug pull potential

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