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Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 01-25-22

You can view my 1 min video summary if you want to skip the reading:

NFT market highlights:

The NFT market is up. Web2 companies are quietly joining the NFT force.

Today’s sentimental news and comments:

Bullish News ?

The IMF urges El Salvador to ditch Bitcoin. The IMF is afraid its future is looming.

Bearish News ?

Kazakhstan powers down again and leaves Bitcoin miners in the dark.

DAO News ☯️

Syndicate, a DAO services startup, founded Web3 Investment Clubs to launch their own DAOs.

Future Trend ?

The quantum-resistant messaging app is out. That means crypto can be unstoppable in the future!

Talents are drawing into the crypto industry and left Web2 in the dust.

Scam Alert ⚠️

Scam: GrimaceCoin 

Reason scam: scammers on Twitter and scam people away

Scam types: scam token, rug pull potential

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