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Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 12-11-21

Market Data Highlights

Bitcoin opens at $48K. It hits lowest at $47K and highest at $49K and stable around $47K ~ $48K. The average transaction fee is $2.05 which is a 2.50% increase from 12-10-21. Fear and Greed level is at 16.

Ethereum opens at $4.0K. It hits lowest at $3.9K and highest at $4.0K and stable around $4.0K. The average transaction fee is $26.29 which is a 5.87% decrease from 12-10-21. Fear and Greed level is at 36.

Here are some highlights to support my analysis: 

NFT market highlights:

The NFT is active on the weekend. It is interesting both the market and NFT markets are up. This may indicate the market flow with new funds. Either from institutional investors or whales.

Today’s sentimental news and comments:

Bullish News ?

Keanu Reeves holds crypto. It is probably nothing.

Bearish News ?

BadgerDao reveals the cause behind exploit details and its recovery plan.

Bitcoin miners hold Bitcoin and put it into reserves. Lack of liquidity may give institutional investors gain advantage to influence the market. That is why the price action is weak at the moment.

The US government wants to tax crypto businesses in Florida.

I thought Democrats want true democratic but they oppose crypto.

Future Trend ?

Ripple chair proposes a plan to move Bitcoin away from Proof of Work (PoW).

Coinbase launches Ethereum based Defi yield products for global customers despite US regulations.

Scam Alert ⚠️

Scam: Fake airdrops 

Reason scam: fake swap and ask funds to send on the fraudulent address

Scam types: fake airdrops, impersonate, fraudulent

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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