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I started to experience a new way to write Web3. If you stay in space long enough, you notice that information has been updated daily, and your ideas may just be outdated in the next month or week, or day. So I will practice some experiential writing about the current trend of the topic and try not to be an expert in the field ?.

✍️ Today’s topic is Web3 Culture! 

Chris Dixon

His background is VC, and he manages billions of money investments ? in a16z.  

He chatted about how Web3 is the new internet here. So money influences culture ?. 

Punk 6529

Web3 Twitter influencer you want to follow. This guy has some very unique and interesting views about Web3. Highly recommended that I follow him and understand his thoughts. He is likely an investor in Web3.


The Importance of Web3 to Digital Culture & Society | by Giles Crouch

This article brought up the idea that Web3 can fix Web2 culture problems. It is a short reading and full of some general ideas on existing problems.

Decentralized Human — A Web3 experiment | by Yesh

I like this idea of decentralizing and tokenizing a human. The concept of a human capital contract. However, the article that tries to promote NFT later is another story that you can skip.

Personal Experience

Nati highlights her experience with Web3 culture in-network, understanding, ideas, and doing, which I totally agree with, and experiences in the space.

Youssea.eth showcases the Web3 culture from community engagement activities.

Gaut brought up the idea of Democratize work that brings everyone into space with building a reputation over time. 

If you are a deep thinker ?

Try to read the article below about catalytic communities through five action plans.

Web3 Is Headed Our Way. Are Cultural Institutions On Board? | by Min Chen

Or you can learn through a lens from NFT, a social media museum.

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