DAO The Way Part 11

In part 11, let’s talk about the DAO journey. Of course, every journey will be a different one, here is just my opinion about what the DAO journey will be like.


I think there are 4 different steps on the DAO journey: Play to Learn, Learn to Create, Create to Earn, and Earn to Teach.

Play to Learn

It starts with a play. Yes, just like a game. To familiarize yourself with DAOs, you need to just try and play with them. Don’t worry about making mistakes or picking the perfect DAOs, try to join DAOs and join with the group. While playing and trying with DAOs, also try to learn from the experience. Interestingly, networking is also a very effective way to learn as when you learn from someone, you want to get to know how they accomplish and what skills they have to help them reach their goals.

One of my experiences is that when I first started with Open DAO, I helped them simply complete some translation works. After I provided them with the completed task, I was approached by someone else who needed help. Right after I joined the Bankless DAO, I was immediately invited with a guest pass because the guy who I helped with is a core contributor in Bankless DAO.

My point is you will never know who to help and what will happen, but what you do know is networking and learning from anyone with whom you connect.

Learn to Create

After a while, you may tire of simple tasks and want to take more responsibility. It is a time to reflect on your learning by creating something for the community. Keep in mind that you do not need to be a software developer to contribute. There are more ways to create such a social media post, write an article like I am doing now, or simply, post a meme about your journey. The key is to reflect on what you learn and experience.

The DAO is still in the progress of maturing. Every piece you experience is a history that we all can learn from. So, let’s create something to record the memory.    

Create to Earn

Once you find a way to create your own materials, you can seek a way to start earning from your creation. Earning is an important way to survive long in DAO. Ironically, earning from DAO is very difficult. How much you contribute to earning is the biggest mystery in the DAO space. How to determine your contribution is actually helpful and worth the pay? Even though there are many bounties available in the space, earning a bounty is fairly difficult compared to earning from your traditional job.

I am not trying to discourage your DAO journey but it is rather common to see people underpaid for their work or not pay for the contribution they desire.     

Earn to Teach

I think the most important part of the journey is teaching. You want to help others and share your experiences. Many DAOs are focusing on earning and rewarding but they really forget about teaching. DAO shows a different way that people can find their desire and their worthiness rather than soul-sucking jobs they are performing without any recognition. It is an alternative way to learn yourself and realize you can do better than you thought. Helping others to achieve their own goal is to help the community to grow sustainably.

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In Conclusion

What is your journey with DAOs? Perhaps it is a totally different aspect than mine. Let’s share it!

Stay tuned for the next part of the DAO discussion!

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