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DeSo Announces Youtube Video Contest

DeSo announced a Youtube video contest to help increase the SEO and awareness of the blockchain. There are several entries with a total of $15,000 on the line.

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Post from Fast Freddie on the DeSo network.

Community Contest Time!

We are looking to bolster our off-platform content, specifically on YouTube, to help increase our SEO and create better awareness of what DeSo is.

And there is no better place to turn than to you all, our community.

What we are looking for:

Youtube Videos that explain something about DeSo, with the target audience being someone who knows very little or nothing about DeSo, and are searching for information.

The following are a few topics that we would love to see content on!
(Topics are not limited to these though)

• What is DeSo, And why does it matter?
• Explain Diamond App, and how to use it as if you’re speaking to a 5-year-old
• Your favorite 5x NFT projects on DeSo
• Top creators on DeSo and how much money they’ve made
• Overview of the top 5 traders on DeSo and how much money they’ve made
• 5 reasons why DeSo is going to decentralize the social giants
• Developer specific topics about building on DeSo

The Rewards:

The video with the most amount of views on YouTube wins $10,000 in $DeSo

5x Runner ups will receive $1,000

REMEMBER: We are looking to bolster our SEO, so mentioning DeSo in the comments, in the narration of the video, and embedding the video in places other than youtube and Diamond, helps dramatically. And obviously, positive sentiment

My top 3 favorite DeSo Youtube vidoes are as follows.

The first two I believe are the ones that really fit the explaining simply how DeSo works.

First is the Video from Katrina Garcia

The second would be the YouTube video from Nigels.

This next one from Mark Bentley is one of the best I have seen so far when it comes to a marketing video.

The Dec. 1st Deadline is just around the corner. I am curious to see who pulls out the win in this contest.

One thought on “DeSo Announces Youtube Video Contest”

  1. This is an amazing chance for those who have knowledge about DeSo and want to create awareness about it. All they’ll need to do is to record a video on any of the topics mentioned in blog. The winner will be chosen with the most views. I must say this is one of the best initiatives to bring traffic to the site and at the same time let people know about DeSo. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the chance.

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