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What is decentralized social media?

First, I will discuss centralized social media to understand better what it is and why we need a decentralized social media platform.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are examples of large centralized social media platforms. Centralized social media is owned and controlled by large corporations. They can ban you from the platform, limit your speech, control what can or can not be used in conjunction with their platform, and the list goes on.

Short and sweet, large corporations make massive profits on the content you create, and they control everything you do.

Decentralized Social Media is a different concept putting you in control of the platform. With the decentralized social media being built on open code, it allows people to develop and create to benefit the needs of the group and not just the needs of the large companies that make a fortune off the content that you provide.

Decentralized Social Media provides the true freedom of speech that we are all looking for, and the money can also go into your pocket instead of a big business taking all of the capital.

What is Diamond App?

Diamond App is a decentralized social media platform built to work like Twitter. It has some good features as it stands, and I expect to see significant changes over the coming months. I have been on the platform for two weeks, and I have seen a lot of people building other websites, extensions, and upgrades for Diamond App.

When you start your account on Diamond App, you can get verified and receive free DeSo to use on the system. The verification reward is $25 of free DeSo. It is just a simple KYC verification, a picture of the front of your driver’s license, back, and selfie. Easiest $25 you will ever make.

To get the $25, you will have to use this link.

Non Fungible Tokens th DeSo Blockchain

If you are into NFTs, DeSo offers an almost $0 fee to mint, and you can get affordable NFT artwork at great prices. It is also easy to mint NFTs. All you need to do is create your NFT Artwork, add it to a post, and hit the mint button.

low gas fee nfts

As you can see, there are three dots in the top right-hand corner. Click on the three dots and go to Mint NFT.

mint an nft on bitclout

Once you hit the mint button, this is the next screen to appear. Notice the very low Network fee in the bottom right-hand corner. Now decide if you will be making only one or multiple, add your list price, set the creator royalty and coin holder royalty, determine if you want unlockable content, then hit the mint button. I will add a post later for more detailed steps.

Minting NFTs on DeSo are in continuous development, and some extraordinary new nodes are now being built just for the DeSo NFT market.

For More Information: FAQ and Top Need To Know Info About DeSo – Crypto Bite

Lowest gas fees for NFTs I have ever seen.

What is DeSO?

deso decentralized social media platform

DeSo is the Decentralized Social Network. DeSo is shacking up social media as we know it. DeSo is the blockchain that runs BitClout and is an open-source that can run other new Social Networks. Now is your chance to get in on Decentralized Social Media at ground level. What are you waiting for?

DeSo | Decentralized Social Media Network Conclusion

The time for the decentralized social media revolution is here. BitClout and DeSo have an amazing start to a much-needed disruption that is needed in the social network. Sign up, get your free crypto and join the revolution now! Follow @thecharliebrown and send a message if you need some help when you get there.

DeSo has 100’s of Apps built on top of the blockchain by independent groups and people to make it a truly decentralized network.

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