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DeSo Is Establishing a Strong Foundation

Nothing like sitting at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee scrolling through the DeSo feed looking for updates and positive notes.

There are a lot of great things coming. Today is supposed to be the next launch for the referral program through the diamondapp.


How many new Blockchain projects come equipped with:

$200M in Treasury
? $1.4B in Transaction volume
? 100+ Apps on Layer 2
? A Dozen of the top VC firms as backers
? Thousands of Daily active users
? A $50M Dev Fund

Exciting times ahead!

This is a great foundation to build from. With the big-name backers and available funding, I expect to see some major improvement and growth over the next 6 months.

DeSo Blockchain

If you haven’t started using DeSo, Decentralized Social Media Network, make sure that you use a referral link to get started. With the use of the referral link, you get free DeSo to get started.

Do you really want to pass up free money? I know I don’t.

DeSo Referral Program

Get $25 Free with this link!

BREAKING Referral/Tutorial NEWS!

? New Referral Program:?

✔️ Is now for users active in the last 7 days
✔️ Unlimited links provided
✔️ Referral Reward is $5 ($7.50 if you join ‘Merlin’s Army’ and own $5 of Merlin’s coin)
✔️ The User who is referred receives $25

?Tutorial & Onboarding:?

✔️ Tutorial now suggests new users follow other users. Suggestions are based on users who were recently active.
✔️ The Default feed for new users completing the tutorial will now be the “Following” Feed rather than the “Hot” Feed.
✔️ Everything in Tutorial is now skippable.
✔️ Tutorial no longer forces users to buy their own coins.
✔️ Profile pictures are not required any longer.
✔️ Jumio-disabled countries can now still create an account, even though they cannot claim the reward. Before this change, if your country was blocked, you would get stuck in a never-ending loop.

?Coming soon:?

✔️ They want to eventually eliminate Jumio and ID verification for referrals but need time to figure out the best approach
✔️ Additional reward for new users who complete certain tasks, like buying creator coins, etc.

The Future of Decentralized Social Media is here! Get in on the ground floor now!

You can find out more about DeSo here.

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