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Discord Scams

Discord is the main channel for Web3. Many people virtually hand out in Discord nowadays and chat through many channels. Scammers are also hidden there and wait for rug-pulling users.


I will show you 3 common Discord scams and how to avoid them.

Common Scams

There are 3 common scams in Discord. Ask for the invitation, Provide help, and Promote products.

Ask for the Invitation

It is a common direct message received from an unknown person. They usually create hype with huge rewards that are too good to be true. And they urged you to join with amazing opportunities that many people are interested in. the problem is that the link may include a fake site that potentially brings you to another page that asks for private and sensible information such as your wallet private keys or tried to connect your wallet with their site.

Another invitation is to inform a big reward or winning of some kind of price out of nowhere. Be sure to not click the link that will also bring you to the unknown site and trick you to provide information.

Provide help

This is another common direct message once you asked questions on the channel. It will automatically send a support message to offer help. Once you discussed with them, you will likely receive a suspicious site or a form that requires you to fill out sensitive information.

Promote products

This is the third type of direct message. They either promoted scam NFTs or other well-known products that offer you a great discount. Again, you will have to click the link, then a suspicious site or a form that requires you to fill out sensitive information.

Scam Pattern

You got the idea. Scammers want you to provide your information through their social engineering method and trick you into their scheme. 

How to AVOID 

First, you can stop the function of the direct message just through your Discord user settings. 

Second, you can check their servers in common. The less in common, the more likely it is a scam.

Third, ignore the direct message. Just try not to respond or to click any links at all.

In conclusion

Discord scams are getting more and more serious. Be mindful of each direct message to protect yourself.

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