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Doge Starts Moving

Dogecoin has been very quiet since Shiba was introduced. It seems they let Shiba take over Dogecoin and become a new meme coin. Until a surprise announcement made at the Chrismas eve that a specific roadmap of Dogecoin is out!

Here is a 1 min summary of the article if you want to skip the reading.


A completely new library to run Dogecoin protocols on many other codes beyond C and runs nodes seamlessness. It tries to diversify the dependence of the core wallet and remove the single point of failure. 

The Dogecoin Standard

It creates a dogecoin standard to lower the barrier for new developers. It aims for more adoption. It also makes the proposal process more straightforward through the community efforts.


It makes the Dogecoin wallet easy to add to other platforms and easy integration into. With two levels of API, one for validation and the other for integrating with the Dogecoin App & SDK, it makes the platform directly connect their Apps to the Dogecoin wallet. 

More Dogecoin Updates and Partnership with Elon Musk

The roadmap continues updating include RadioDoge with Starlink and Radio nodes for remote locations. Dogecoin Keyring with possible to help developers to build up their projects on Dogecoin more easily. Possible community staking through Proof of Stake and more point of sale through Layer 2 Dapps.

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In Conclusion

It is so exciting and much wow move that Dogecoin finally acts and makes some of its promise to improve the blockchain. It may regain its significant place and more Dogecoin to become more a payment solution for other businesses to use.

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