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Earn Free Cryptocurrency With Ease

Do you want to learn how to earn free cryptocurrency? None of these methods will help you get rich quickly, but they are a start to getting your feet on the ground with some free crypto.

There are several up-and-coming cryptocurrencies that will give away coins and tokens to get their name out there. There are also several ways to earn crypto by using different systems that you typically use every day.

Let’s start with Coinbase

free CryptoCurrency

Coinbase is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase offers a learn-to-earn option when you sign up onsite. Currently, they have Compound, Stellar Lumens, Polygon, and The Graph.

All you need to do is go here and sign up, watch videos, answer questions and receive free cryptocurrency. They add additional cryptocurrencies that you can learn and earn from ever so often.

Based on the time vs. payout, you can make $1 per minute. You can earn between $3 to $9 for each one of the cryptocurrencies.

With the low amount of each crypto, you have two choices. With sell transaction fees at $2.99, you will not come out ahead that way.

Option 1

Hold the cryptocurrency if you like it and wait for it to go up so you can sell and make a profit.

Option 2

You can convert the free crypto to your crypto of choice for a $0 fee. This is the option I go with.

You can test out Coinbase by clicking here.

Earn Free Pi with Pi Network

What is Pi?

Pi is a cryptocurrency that a group of Stanford graduates is developing. It is being designed for the everyday person to use for everyday transactions.

Pi uses your phone to mine and has a very low impact on your phone’s environment and battery life. You only have to open the app to start mining. Once you start mining, you can close the app, and it continues to run its process without draining your phone’s battery.

Currently, Pi has no market value since it is still in development, but with the simplicity of the mining process, it is a no-brainer to test it out.

Use this link to sign up.

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Earn Free Coins and Tokens Through CoinMarketCap

Coinmarketcap has a lot of valuable information on the cryptocurrency world.

New cryptocurrencies work with CoinMarketCap to get recognized in the community by having Airdrops.

All you have to do is go to the CoinMarketCap Airdrop Page, and you will see a lot of crypto airdrop contests. You will see the completed, current, and upcoming airdrops.

Go to the current airdrops and follow the required tasks to enter. Most of the airdrops require you to follow on Twitter, join on Telegram, enter your wallet address for payment, and sometimes retweet the airdrop post.

The Mars Metaverse

The Mars is a new development that is just getting started in the metaverse sector. The metaverse market is expected to grow from its current $100 billion mark to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

As you can see by the roadmap below it will take some time before this project really starts up. You can get in early by downloading the phone app to start mining. You will need a referral code to sign up. Just type in cryptobite for your referral code and you are ready to mine.

2021. 2Q

The Mars Co., Ltd. was founded. ✔Built a team for “The Mars” metaverse project. ✔

2021. 3Q

  • Established Mars Labs LLC ✔
  • Publised ERC-20 based tokens (MRST) ✔
  • Private ICO ✔
  • Pre-order of the “Mars Mining APP” (MMA) ✔

2021. 4Q

  • Release ‘The Mars’ teaser ✔
  • Large-scale recruitment of developer for developing the metaverse platform
  • Release the “Mars Mining APP”


  • ‘The Mars’ Alpha test
  • Listing on global cryptocurrency exchanges (MRST)


2023. 2Q: “The Mars” Closed Beta #12023. 3Q: “The Mars” Closed Beta #22023. 4Q: Open Beta, public release “The Mars Studio”


  • Official release ​”The Mars”
  • Start Global Services
  • Launch “Mars Game Maker”
  • Start a Virtual Reality (VR) Conversion

Earning Free Cryptocurrency

There are a lot of opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency, and we are testing several more. We will continue to update this post as we complete more test runs.

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