Everything You Need to Know About The Sandbox

Everything You Need to Know About The Sandbox

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an NFT community for gamers who, with the help of simple and intuitive tools, can be part of the germination of virtual reality games. It is entirely decentralized, being built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox has disrupted the gaming market. It provides an innovative workspace for users to create their games and rewards them tokens of currency (SANDs) for creating a valuable product.

The Sandbox is comprised of multiple tokens. SAND is the native currency token. LAND is a token of digital real estate that users can buy to grow assets. ASSETs are the tokens of value that users create to build user-generated content. The Sandbox’s P2P system decentralizes game invention by letting users earn value for their creative contributions to the whole, which is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Who Created The Sandbox?

Pixowl CEO/Co-Founder Arthur Madrid and COO Sébastien Borget created The Sandbox.

When was The Sandbox Launched?

Madrid and Borget launched The Sandbox in 2011.

How Does The Sandbox Work?

The Sandbox is actually a tripartite system that includes VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker. Users create NFT assets in VoxEdit. They buy and sell games and grow ASSETs on LAND in The Marketplace. Users without coding experience create games in the Game Maker.

The Sandbox marketplace is a digital ecology, formed by the interactivity between players, creators, curators, and landowners. Here, creators monetize the digital assets they created for their digital real estate and sell them to other Sandbox players to buy LAND. ASSETs can come in the form of tradable elements of games, such as vehicles or buildings.

The immutability, true ownership, interoperability, and ease of monetization mechanisms from the Ethereum blockchain all apply to The Sandbox.

How to Keep Your SAND, LAND, and ASSETs Safe

Users keep their SAND, LAND, and ASSETs in a digital wallet. To ensure this wallet’s safety, they should:

  • Use a strong password
  • Keep said password secret
  • Differentiate this password from those of other online accounts
  • Use 2-Factor Authentication. If a user’s account gets hacked, their data is stored on a secondary device in which they can log in and preclude the hacker from accessing their account

Is The Sandbox a Good Investment?

The purpose of this blog post is to objectively point out the benefits and any disadvantages of The Sandbox. As a platform that supports the art of creation and its direct monetization, The Sandbox has not only disrupted the cryptocurrency market but also the gaming market. It continues to gain momentum. It is a way in which all sorts of users can contribute to the generation of ideas and values. It is in these ways that The Sandbox has positive investment value.

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