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Everything You Need To Know About Theta Network

What Is Theta Network?

They designed the Theta Network (THETA) cryptocurrency project in an attempt to decentralize video delivery and provide users with access to apps and services available on the blockchain.

Distributed networks of users share their leftover bandwidth and computing resources in exchange for Theta Network’s native currency THETA.

THETA – Goals

  • High-quality video streaming
  • Reduced costs for Theta Network Users

THETA – Platform Incentives

  • Decentralized bandwidth
  • Content-sharing

Who Created Theta Network?

Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long co-founded Theta Network.

When was Theta Network launched?

Developers launched Theta Network on its own main net in March 2019.

How Does Theta Network Work?

Theta Network allows users on their decentralized platform to share videos using leftover bandwidth and computing power from network validators and guardian nodes. Content on the network is distributed to network users via their proprietary network DAPP “Edgecast.”

Edgecast is a THETA-powered DAPP that handles content transcription and content distribution on the Theta Network. Theta network developers distributed Theta Network across over 10,000 available nodes. THETA project developers say this distributed network is faster, provides more security, and offers more uninterrupted uptime for platform users.

How To Keep Your Theta Network Safe?

Theta token holders secure their investments using a Theta-compatible cryptocurrency wallet system. The Theta Network provides platform users with a secure download link where they can download encrypted keystore files and create unique and hard-to-guess passwords to secure THETA holdings.

Is Theta Network A Good Investment?

We do not provide investment advice. Information in this article is based on research, publicly available documentation, and THETA historical performance.

Theta price predictions show this new cryptocurrency may be valuable as a long-term investment. Cryptocurrency investment experts say Theta Network is a small, unknown project at the moment. They also say THETA is delivering on its promises to offer real-world entertainment solutions in the decentralized ecosystem.

To date, Theta’s performance has been volatile. Do your own research before you invest in Theta or any other form of cryptocurrency.

It’s important for cryptocurrency investors to know how much they can afford to invest and how much they can afford to lose when cryptocurrency stakes become volatile.

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