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FAQ and Top Need To Know Info About DeSo

Do you want to know what DeSo is? Do you have questions on how to use DeSo?

I have seen a lot of questions about DeSo. This post is a general overview and answers the questions I see posted in various places—more details for those wanting more in-depth information on the DeSo Blockchain and different platforms built on DeSo.

Follow the various Topics links below for more detail-oriented information and instruction.

What is DeSo?

DeSo is Decentralized Social. DeSo is an open-source blockchain explicitly built for operating social media platforms.

How to Sign Up On the Deso Network?

To sign up on DeSo, you can use any social platform built on top of DeSo. Currently, if you sign up on Diamond App using this link and do the KYC verification, you can get $25 in free DeSo to start your journey.

What are DeSo Nodes?

DeSo Nodes are the websites built on top of the DeSo Blockchain.

What Are Creator Coins?

Creator coins are your crypto coins minted on the DeSo blockchain for your profile. You will want to purchase at least 3 of your coins when you start your account.

How to Buy Creator Coins

Click on my profile, and you will see a big blue button in the top right corner.

what are deso creator coins

Click on the blue button and follow the instructions. Remember, if you are starting, you can sign up with my link to get up to $25 in free DeSo to start.

You can buy other people’s creator coins in the same way. Just click their profile and follow the same steps.

Things to Know About Creator Coins

Remember, it can be harmful to sell your creator’s coin. People think it is a rug pull. Buy a minimum of 3. You will want to buy more if you plan on giving some away.

Giving away portions of your creator coin can be beneficial for growing followers and investors.

If you want the ability to sell some of your coins in the future for profit, set up another account. You can leave this account unnamed if you would like.

How to Buy DeSo

There are currently three main options to buy DeSo.

Buy DeSo on the Nodes

The first method to buy DeSo crypto is on the actual nodes. Let’s use the diamond app as an example.

how to buy DeSo

Above is a screenshot from the diamond app. The Diamond App Node has the three options offered on the DeSo Nodes. You can buy with fiat using your card through wyre, buy with Bitcoin, or buy with ETH.

Buy DeSo on Exchanges

Two top-tier exchanges offer trading for DeSo at this time.

AscendEX and are the two options available for exchange trading.


As of December 14th, DeSo is available on Coinbase. This is the easiest way to buy and trade DeSo.

If you are buying DeSo from an exchange and would like to use it on the platform, go to your wallet, send DeSo, enter the amount and public key, and now you are done. It is a straightforward process.

How to Sell DeSo

You can sell your DeSo as usual if trading on, Coinbase, and AscendEX.

If you buy on the DeSo Nodes, there could be a couple of layers.

I like to invest in individual creator coins. It is just like investing in altcoins in the regular crypto market. You can see a substantial increase in creator coins over just investing in DeSo coin.

If you want to sell DeSo and have invested in creator coins, you will first need to sell them to convert to DeSo.

Go to your wallet as shown below and click on the three dots to the coin’s right. Click sell on the creator coin options.

how to sell deso

Now that you have converted the creator coins to DeSo and are in your $DeSo wallet, we can move on to the next step.

For the next step, go back to your DeSo wallet if you have already left it and click on the Send DeSo button on the right-hand side of the screen.

You will see a popup like the one in the image below. Enter the public key from your, Coinbase, or AscendEX wallet to cash out.

tranfer deso to exchange

How to Mint NFTs on DeSo

For this article, I will show you the simple way to mint your NFTs. I will be writing additional articles on some of the DeSo dApps created mainly for NFTs.

On DeSo, you can turn anything into an NFT. Even your first post. Below you will see a new post I have created.

mint an NFT on DeSo

Click the three dots on the top right-hand side.

mint nft on deso

Now follow the simple steps and on the one-pager and click create NFT.

How to mint an NFT on Deso is a DeSo dApp that is developed on the DeSo Network specifically for minting NFTs. See the tutorial on YouTube for detailed step-by-step instructions on minting NFTs on

Top DeSo dApps to Use

Diamond App is a Twitter-style social media platform built on DeSo. Join Using this Link for $25 in Free DeSo.

There is so much information to present about the DeSo network. I will continue to add to and update this article. Feel free to use the contact us for any questions you may have.

If you are on the DeSo Network or signing up now, you can reach me at TheCharlieBrown or CryptoBite. is designed mainly as an NFT creation dApp for DeSo. They are rapidly moving with significant advancements on the website.

Even though Supernovas is designed mainly for NFTs, you can still use it for posting, investing, and other activities.

If you are a new creator just getting started, Supernovas is very fast verifying your information and getting you a verified blue check.

supernovas deso nft

DeSo is The True Decentralized Social Media Blockchain

I have been testing out numerous so-called decentralized social media platforms, and of all of them, DeSo is the only real true one I have found.

All of the other decentralized social media platforms I have found I would classify as blockchain social media. Your info may be minted on that blockchain, but there is only one application that you can use.

DeSo stands out due to the fact that the information is minted on the blockchain and can be carried between 100s of dApps currently. I am sure in the future it will be thousands.

DeSo DEcentralized SOcial Conclusion

The conclusion is short and simple. DeSo is the way!

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