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Global Regulations Are Coming Or Can They

The global adoption of cryptocurrencies is accelerating. Governments are fear of cryptos and ban them left and right. Other countries want regulations to restrict the growth rate of the cryptos but regulations are slow to leave crypto surpassing regulations.

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Regulations Are Restrictions

Regulations do not help the growth of crypto. It will prevent crypto growth in the way to give traditional financial systems to catch up. However, the traditional financial system is not listening to the voice of people but continues conducting their business as usual. How traditional financial system can evolve without considering other voices?

Global Regulations

Global regulations will be required some entities to oversee their operations. It is likely will form a global government to oversee the global operation. With the global scale of regulations, the government is more powerful to obtain more data and easily suppress individuals. 

Company Is Obsolete

When the company was formed, the purpose was to serve citizens and provide business for them. However, the company did a very bad job due to power struggles and power domination. Crypto is able to create governance without the government. If crypto can bring people and form a better organization, what is the purpose of a company exist? 

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Regulations Will Not Stop Crypto

With the fast acceleration of crypto, regulations will be difficult to catch up with the crypto pace. Regulations need time to dispute and confine while the crypto continues evolving faster than ever. The more people join and contribute to the crypto, the faster it can evolve. 

In Conclusion

I do not believe in global regulations and will form a global organization for corruption. The crypto is a future to form its own organization and solve many social issues in the future.

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