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How To Avoid Crypto Scammers

Crypto scammers just like pandemics spread out from social media recently. Since the cryptocurrencies price went up so much, scammers were ready to impersonate celebrities to scam away people’s money. There is no control on big social media platforms and individual needs to be very cautious about interacting with individual celebrities. Here are some examples that will never true and you should never spend any money or you can prevent from falling into the trap.

Compromised Big Youtube Account

Scammers are getting smarter. They hack celebrity Youtube influencers’ accounts and steal their interview footage to impersonate celebrities to promote their own crypto products and fake giveaways.

The giveaway should always be effortless

There will never be a giveaway that requires your private keys, your contributions to invest or send promoters money in order to receive giveaways. Never ever a celebrity will just giveaway from the internet without any major news being released.

Private message from major social media

Scammers can impersonate fake accounts as celebrities and ask you to contribute or join free giveaways. There is no way one will reach out individually to giveaway cryptocurrencies of any kind.

Discord and Telegram are one of the many worst scam platforms

Discord and Telegram are full of crypto scammers who easily directly message individuals and ask for their contributions. Many are starting with your familiar celebrities account or any channel owners to reach out to you ask for joining events with crypto contributions. Others may invite you because you won an award and requires you to send money to redeem such a huge winning price.

Steps to avoid being scammed

Step 1: verified users

You always make sure their email address or social media handle of such persons. Scammers have a very suspicious email address or social media handle.

Step 2: ask many questions about the event

Make sure you understand any free giveaway crypto events requirements. Ask questions about why such giveaways are when the deadline of giveaways and who should you contact for such giveaway. Scammers usually have no patience but ask you to send their money immediately. 

Step 3: screenshot or keep all conversation in records

You want to keep all information in hand in case you fall into the trap. Keep all conversations in record and share on social media if you got scammed. 

Step 4: think twice before involving money transactions

Any financial transactions should be avoided without identifying the person’s identification. You want to use preferable fiat transactions rather than crypto transactions because crypto transactions are irreversible.

Step 5: try to send very small amounts of money if necessary

If you have to send funds, try sending a fraction of the amount first to make sure receivers are who they are.

Step 6: avoid all costs to send crypto if other’s identification cannot be verified

Try to avoid all crypto transactions online without knowing the one you send to.

Step 7: report, report, report

Even you did not get scammed, always report to and share all conversations to prevent others’ falling into the scam.

In conclusion

Be always cautious that scammers are out there. Avoid direct messages within social media if one cannot be verified.

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