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How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

One of the greatest things about the adoption stage is the ability to earn cryptocurrency without investment. There are literally thousands of ways to earn free cryptocurrency. I will save you some time and just discuss the ones I am testing now.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

An Overview on Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

Over the last year, I have found a lot of methods to earn cryptocurrency and never invest a dime.

A few ways you can earn crypto by:

  • Airdrops
  • Learn to Earn
  • Create Content
  • Free Mining
  • Create and Sell NFTs
  • Affiliate Programs

Earn Cryptocurrency Using The DeSo Social Network

I want to cover the DeSo, decentralized social, blockchain. This network has several methods to earn cryptocurrency without investment.

First, you sign up with this link and get $25 of free DeSo.

Now that you have some free crypto and an account you can start to earn more cryptocurrency. On the DeSo network, you can earn in the following ways.

  • Invest in other creator coins and profit from there social activity or influence. This is just like investing in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Create great posts and receive diamonds for tips. Diamond tips ragne from $0.01 USD to $100’s.
  • You can also create and mint NFT art to earn more cryptocurrency. Unlike ETH the mint fees are thousandths of a dollar. Your free DeSo from sign up will cover these costs.
  • You can purchase promote and resell NFTs.
  • You can also just Hodl your DeSo that you received and wait on it to increase in price.
  • After being on the network for 30 days you will receive an affiliate link so you can promote, onboard new members and earn more DeSo.

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Earn Coins to Convert to XYO Coin Using Your Phone

Coin App is an app that you can get on your phone that allows you to earn coins through several methods.

You Can:

  • Earn coins by taking surveys.
  • Earn coins by downlowding and completing certain levels on games.
  • Earn coins by geomining using your phone.
  • Earn 1,000 coins free using this link to sign up.
  • Earn more coins buy signing up more people.

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Earn Crypto Through AirDrops

Airdrops can be a great way to earn cryptocurrency without investment.

Airdrops are almost like winning a lottery just a better chance. When new cryptocurrencies are just getting started on the market they often give away free coins or tokens to get people interested. always has a good list or just go to google and start searching for drops.

Earn Cryptocurrency With CoinBase

Coinbase is an exchange that you can use to purchase cryptocurrency. They also have a nice feature that I really enjoy called Learn to Earn. With the learn to earn program when they launch new crypto on the Coinbase exchange they have short 1 minute videos to learn about it. All you are required to do is watch the video, answer a question and earn the cryptocurrency.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment Conclusion

There are plenty of other ways to earn free cryptocurrency. These are just a few ways to earn that I like the best. Check out the rest of the site for more ideas.

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