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How to Farm Chia Cryptocurrency

The newly arrived cryptocurrency Chia network hitting the market and is doing pretty well. Compared to other cryptocurrencies Chia is pretty eco-friendly and uses a different type of blockchain algorithm. In other words, Chia drains less power than any other cryptocurrencies and because of this people from all over the world are becoming very interested in farming Chia.

Basically, Chia uses PoST (proof of space and time) technology instead of Pow for its blockchain structure. To farm this, generally, you have to make a plot for the chia network from your disk space and use the block to compete in the guessing game.

To start your own chia farming, first of all, check your system configuration if it matches the requirements or not. Most machines can handle chia network pretty well because it only requires a system of a quad-core processor, clocked over 1.5 GHz, and ram above 2Gb. Practically every modern desktop operating system can run this but the important hardware in this system is disk space. In this case, you need at least one SSD over 400GB and HDD over 4TB for minimum farming. The more space you have, the chances you have to win one or two Chia coins.

Note !!! before starting, check the Chia calculator from the official website to know how much you can profit and space you are required to earn in minimum time.

When all the checking is done, time to set up the chia blockchain network. First of all, download the Chia farming app from the official website and install it on your device. The software will start with a wallet key structure option, after you set up the key take a picture on your mobile phone, write it down somewhere, or save it to keep it safe and you are good to go. On the screen, there will be many things on display but one thing that you should care about is syncing the blockchain, and which might take an hour to a day or more. Once it is synced, go to plot on the left-hand side and select add plot. The default configuration they provide is the most optimized one, which is K32 101GiB, and changing it won’t be a great idea. Then select your SSD location temp plot file and also HDD location for the main plot file. One thing should be remembered, in the process of creating plots your pc can not go to sleep. if it does, the entire plotting has to start all over again and the time to finish might take 6 to 8 hours. Now click create plot. Again, on the left-hand side select farm and you will see your system start to farm. On this screen, it will be visible how much time it might take you to earn one chia.

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