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How to Get Free DeSo Crypto

Would you like to get free DeSo? Imagine what could happen if DeSo moved like Solana. The Free Deso could be almost $2,500 in one year. That’s a lot of potential money to pass on when all you have to do is sign up and get verified.

That is the great thing about crypto. With the mass movement to get more people to adopt cryptocurrency, you can earn free crypto if you are willing to spend a little time.

If you would like to earn Free DeSo, click on this link, go through the KYC verification as you do on Coinbase and other platforms to get your free DeSo now.

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If you want to know more about $DeSo before signing up, continue reading this blog post. Don’t forget to use my link, so you get free Deso to get started.

free deso

Investing Your Free DeSo

There are two key ways that you will want to invest your free DeSo that you receive after KYC verification.

Investment Number One With Your Free DeSo

Always invest in yourself. I suggest buying at least 3 of your creator coins with the free DeSo from your sign-up.

Investment Number Two

Take the rest of the free DeSo you received and find some creators that you like. These may be NFT artists, Celebrities, business people, or just everyday creators that are highly active. There are plenty of options to invest the free DeSo that you received just for signing up with my link and following the KYC Verification process.

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DeSo: Decentralizing Social Media Infrastructure

In the information age, nothing has been as transformative as social media. These online community platforms have enabled users to broadcast messages instantly from just about anywhere around the world. Even with the convenience the platforms offer, they have an Achilles’ heel, which is evident now, more than ever – centralization.

The recent outage of Facebook and its subsidiary platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, revealed to the world the risk of leaving the control of these platforms to a few hands at the top. Now, the nascent and revolutionary blockchain technology is rethinking social media through a decentralized, privacy-first approach.

The Decentralized Social blockchain, or DeSo for short, is an open-source and scalable system built from the ground up to run social applications with over a billion users seamlessly. Free of central control and with users’ interests at heart, DeSo’s members have a governance stake in the protocol. This way, the platform’s members can introduce and implement policies that work for them, rather than the few elite and c-suite executives, as is with mainstream social media platforms.

free deso crypto

Monetizing Content Creation through DeSo

Nearly all social media platforms are free to sign up for the end-user. Still, big tech firms are some of the highest-grossing companies worldwide, mainly through ad sales. Shockingly, content creators on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram barely earn any money from the companies. DeSo is setting up a thriving ecosystem for creators to monetize their content. This way, fans can support their favorite creators directly while expecting to get the best quality of content on their feed always.

Another way DeSo reshapes social media interactions is through its content piracy proofing. The blockchain embeds contents with unique digital signatures so, it’s easy to verify the original creator hence protecting creators’ copyright. Not only are you getting your content protected against counterfeiting, but also watertight security for your personal information.

Free from Censorship

Like any other centralized institution, operations of social media platforms have been subject to the policies of the different firms which reserve the right to admission. DeSo, a decentralized platform, allows all users unrestricted access to the platform’s tools to promote free speech and unjust censorship, often by oppressive governments.

DeSo Breaking New Ground

Established by Nader Al-Naji and run by the DeSo Foundation, the blockchain has recently secured a $50 million funding to speed up the development of DeSo’s solutions. As the next frontier for blockchain, the platform plans to capitalize on untapped potentials like scalability, privacy, creator monetization, and decentralization to build robust social networks.

Over 100 social network apps on DeSo include Pulse, BitClout, Diamond App,,, and Polygram. Users can spend the protocol’s native currency, $DESO, to buy social tokens or NFTs, create profiles or posts, and reward creators. The token has a 10.8 million supply cap and is listed on Exchange for users to trade.

Still Want to Learn More about DeSo?

To learn more about DeSo and interact with other community members, visit the DeSo Foundation’s official website here or connect to their social networks on Twitter and GitHub.

You can also find additional information on DeSo here on my other blog posts.

Don’t forget to sign up using this link!

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