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Humans 3040 Collectible NFTs on Mintable

The Humans 3040 is a collectible NFT Series on

The aliens finally invaded in the year 3000. By the year 3040, the Alien Race and Humans began to combine. Who knows what kind of strange monstrosity they may create.

The NFT artwork was created in layers and used a Generative Algorithm to see what crazy new beings would be assembled. This algorithm series contains 304 NFTs. After the sale of the 304 generated NFTs, I will begin to drop individual special created NFTs.

humans 3040 nft on mintable

The entire collection of Humans 3040 will all be pixel art. Owners of the 304 original algorithm-generated NFTs will be entered in a drawing for NFT drops of the new series.

Rarity Chart and Additional Info Coming Soon!

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