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Modern Economic Nonsense — A very long term view

The purpose of the economy is to survive as long as possible ?. At least, that is my perspective about how the economy should work. 

The stock market is a short-term perspective to forecast a seemly long-term goal ?. 

Like a race between turtle and rabbit, everyone knows how it ends, but no one pays attention to the real-life trap between the market and the economy.

The rabbit ? is the stock market, and the turtle ? is the economy.

The rabbit always seems to win every time in the short term, but the turtle always catches up in the end.

Some cryptocurrencies act like a rabbit to race with the stock market, but others act like a turtle to race with the economy. 

Build up your turtle way to weather the economy.

Here are some ideas:

1️⃣ Think a very long term

Short-term thinking is inefficient. It drives up your emotion and greed to make mistakes you later regret. Try to think of a long-term perspective instead. 

2️⃣ Be consistence

Take a consistence approach. Never try to eat a whole cake with a bite. 

3️⃣ Be patient

Nothing beats your patient if you can wait for a longer-term. So the goal is to sustain it as long as possible.

Be a turtle instead ?!

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