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Modern Economic Nonsense — Anonymous cool or fool

Anonymous culture is used to be a standard in crypto ?. Does it still relevant in today’s crypto space?

The answer is widely divided ! 

Is Anonymous Identity bad ?

Why keep anonymous or even bother to stay anonymous?

Satoshi Nakamoto, a Bitcoin creator, is anonymous, and nobody knows who he or she or a group of people are.

Anonymity is used to be about privacy, and it has become an excuse to get away without consequences.

Everyone starts to follow and become cool until every anonymous founder’s rug pulls people every time. 

Anonymity is more toward jail-free rather than privacy protection.

You do not care about your online reputation, and you can just disappear freely. 

Here are steps to teach you how to disappear completely!

1️⃣ Delete all social media accounts

16 Delete all search results

3️⃣ Get rid of all public records

4️⃣ Remove all email addresses with your name 

 Stay away from search engines for a while

Will that possible to make you disappear completely?

No, you cannot, and it is virtually impossible ?.

You haven’t been caught up not because you cannot be caught but because you are not worthy of being caught at the moment.

It is virtually impossible to become completely anonymous on the internet as long as you are using the internet.

Don’t even try to disguise through anonymity and reveal your dark site on the internet. Because sooner or later, people will doxxing you out like what happened to Charlotte Fang.

Is Real Identity good ?

Even if you reveal your real identity, you are not yourself on the internet. 

Can one keep their authenticity on the internet and in real life?

It is hard to keep it consistence.

Decentralized Identity 

One possible solution is to create an open-source passport that can be verified online.

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It can help people to rebuild trust online and prevent bad actors. 

But the counterargument will be why you need a password to access certain online portals if the internet is open to everyone access?

Also, who will monitor the passport?

Many are up to debate through philosophical discussion before even carrying it out as a useful application. Or just skip the debate and straight into applications through the modern technology convenience.

What do you think?

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