Modern Economic Nonsense — Inflation becomes irrelevant

Inflation is a joke. It is a show country to put and force everyone to pay for it.

And the government official has missed the remark.

A so-called sophisticated understanding of economics just misses the most important task they only need to perform 🤔?

Or maybe the government did it on purpose?

Why is high inflation beneficial 🤯?

We are taught that low inflation is better because the economy can expand faster through low inflation, and everything is cheaper.

Here are two hypotheses:

📌 inflation is irrelevant
📌 inflation is manipulating

Inflation is irrelevant to the economy rather than fighting for new types of currencies – cryptocurrencies.

Higher the inflation, the higher the value of fiat currency. If cryptocurrencies are an investment like stocks, they will drop into worthless. But it is not the case as Bitcoin is very stable. The current policy sees cryptocurrencies are commodities that make crypto more valuable than previously assumed.

To manipulate inflation within the nation, asset value will drop dramatically, but the fiat currency will dominate. Also, commodities will dominate, which trumps cash.

What the government was unexpected is that it helped lay out the future cryptocurrency domination and the foundation of the valuation.

Why does the government want to do that?

They had no choices. People lost confidence in the cash. Inflation is just a disguise to cover the loss of faith. Otherwise, the government can repair inflation relatively fast.

To repair the faith, it will take a longer time than they expected.

The result is everyone will have to suffer for a while 😅.

Does everyone start questioning why we have to pay for it?

Even Elon Musk is questioning it:

And he ran away from his Twitter deal because his money got cut by more than he expected.

The actual economic competition right now is old vs. new.

The old industry has been FOMO about technology companies and their advancement, and they want it too.

But, do the younger generation wants the good old day? Or perhaps older generations just try to re-create their imaginary society at the cost of the younger generations?

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