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Play To Earn – Pipeflare Gaming Marketplace

Play to earn is becoming more and more popular. The recent Metaverse hype makes it more attractive than previously expected. There are more and more play-to-earn platforms are coming. However, many require you with the initial investment. How do you join one without any payment required?

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Play to Earn

The idea of play to earn is when users play the game, they can collect virtual assets. Such opportunities can turn into a profit to exchange real currency. With blockchain technology, the game becomes more of a blockchain process. Gamers can become a node to help process gaming information and to reward gamers, tokens are incentives to not only trade in the game environment but also exchange for fiat currency in crypto exchanges. One may eventually work for the game and “live” in the game to generate their income one day.

Gain Can Not Without Initial Investment

The problem with play to earn is how to keep users continue playing your game? Either your games need to improve periodically so that users can continue experiencing new adventures or the game requires users to put more money into it. The latter choice is easier for developers to gain and make profits while users will continue to play games and try to earn back. Sounds like gambling after all.

Platform Without Initial Investment

Of course, there are platforms that without any initial investment. The problem with the platform is at some point, payment is required for you to easier advance the level. Or you may need to require view many advertisements so that you can gain more life and continue playing. You spend more time on the platform and you may gain as little as you want to.


Pipeflare is rather a platform without initial investment. It is a multiple features gaming platform. The idea is to support independent game developers and help them to build games on the platform. They have their native tokens that users can earn just simply join and sign up. There are many coin faucets you can claim daily if you do not want to play. Their game is relatively easy to play. And they also have their NFT marketplace to sell or users can create their own NFTs to sell. The entire platform is running on Polygon, which is a layer 2 solution of Ethereum. 

Why I think Pipeflare Has Potential

I think Polygon is growing faster with NFTs and Gaming adoptions. Layer 2 solution is a scalability solution that makes the platform run fast and cheap. Their native tokens are easy to transfer into Metamask wallet and you can exchange in crypto exchanges. They are on their way to expend and enter into Metaverse. They also have their own Defi solution from their own tokens to create tokenomic. It is a one to all platform that users can join and learn from.   

Daily Earning Opportunities

You can earn 1FLR (native token), ZEC and MATIC daily. There are more opportunities include airdrops, referral benefits, NFTs, game earning, and staking rewards. You can also download their app to earn tokens from Apple Store or Android Store

Come and join here and play more games to earn more tokens.

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