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Tod Complex Animated Series Minting NFTs

Tod Complex is an animated series about a reptilian alien. The animated series is made by 5 friends that really love to create.

The animator for Tod Complex is Daniel Menezes. Daniel Menezes is an animator, musician, and talented NFT artist behind popular DeSo NFT collections Tod Complex and ZetaReticuli. 

I ran across this series a couple of months back on a platform called DeSo. DeSo is a decentralized social media blockchain that can also be used for minting NFTs.

About Tod Complex Animated Series

Who is Tod?

Tod Daminsky is a reptilian alien who works for a company called PARE (Planet Acquisition and Resource Extraction). A celebration of recent promotions at a company event leads to a confrontation with his nemesis Lumis.

Raising Funds for The Project

With this being an independent animated series it takes time to generate the animation with only one illustrator. The team has set out to try and raise funds to hire additional help to speed up the process.

The DeSo based NFT series is how I found out about the Tod Complex Series. Daniel is minting 111 Tod Complex NFTs. With the popularity of NFTs, it is a great way to help fund the project.

You can also learn more ways to donate to the project through the website.

Find out more about Daniel and the project from this interview.

Tod Complex NFT # 16 Super Rare

My Thoughts on the Tod Complex Animated Series Project

I really love the project and believe it has some amazing potential. It is highly underrated at this point. All this project needs is a little bit of exposure and it will be ready for launch.

You should check this project out and if you become a fan make sure you share, support, and engage.

If you are not on the DeSo blockchain you are missing out on an amazing experience and other great projects like Tod Complex. You can sign up here and KYC verify to get $25 free DeSo to get started.

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