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Unpacking The DESOlaters with William Laurent

The DeSolaters is one of the most unique and interesting NFT projects that I have found on the DeSo blockchain so far. I was very intrigued by the artwork.

I ended up in an NFT drop on clubhouse and had to pick up a couple of pieces after listening to the story behind the work and the process involved in making it. I can’t wait to pick up some more.

I enjoyed the art, so I had William Laurent write up a little something to share with you about his process in creating his DESOlaters artwork.

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Unpacking The DESOlaters Artwork Process by William Laurent

If you have spent time on the DeSo blockchain, you have most likely encountered my latest digital art project, ironically named @DESOlaters. Composed in a style that I call Hakone Reduce, the DESOlaters represent my first official NFT series and a temporary shift away from canvas art into the digital domain.

While these pieces are constructed with a computer and mouse, the overall design—colors, forms, shadows, structure, placement, etc.—are rooted in recognizable 20th-century art aesthetics.

To further differentiate my style from much of what is found in the NFT art universe, I tell stories in my DESOlaters pieces—placing characters into a narrative setting, or focusing more narrowly on a character while leveraging the caption/title of the work to more explicitly inject a narrative.

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How the Artwork is Created

On a daily basis, I am asked how I create the DESOlaters pieces. While the core compositional techniques of the DESOlaters remain a secret, I will reveal that the works are primarily assembled from photographs. You read that correctly: 95 to 100% of what you see in DESOlaters is the result of carefully planned photoshoots.

This always comes as a surprise to those new to the DESOlaters world, and even more so to those that are familiar with my photography—which tends to have a dark and brooding retro quality, consciously shying away from the vibrant colors that are a hallmark of DESOlaters and my Hakone Reduce style in general.  

While much of my production technique for DESOlaters remains a secret (I don’t use Photoshop), I am happy to reveal one interesting fact about the preproduction photography process: I snap my photos under very specific weather, sunlight, and humidity conditions; cloud cover and sun angle are important and must fall under preset parameters. 

 I have taken most of my photos for DESOlaters in the mountains of Kanagawa, Japan, but have also utilized images taken in Florida and New York City.

Find more projects on DeSo here.

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DESOlaters Unpacking Wrapup

I am influenced by too many artists to mention here; however, I will tell you that Kusama, Kandinsky, and Spanish 20th century artists such as Miro, have had a huge impact on my HakoneReduce style; and graffiti art has been a constant influence in all my visual creations for over three decades.

There is no artist working in a manner that is stylistically similar to DESOlaters, nor to my HakoneReduce style as a whole. I would be over the moon if you headed over to the DeSo blockchain today and gave your support to DESOlaters.

Check them out here!

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