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What are DeSo Creator Coins and How They Work



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In this post, we will be answering the question, What are DeSo Creator Coins? We will also discuss how they work and what you can do with creator coins.

What Are DeSo Creator Coins?

Every profile on DeSo gets its own coin that anybody can buy and sell. They call these coins “creator coins,” You can have your coin too simply by creating a profile. The price of each coin goes up when people buy and goes down when people sell. The creator coins work just like regular cryptocurrencies for the most part.

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deso creator coin
My Website DeSo Creator Coin

DeSo Creator Coin Basics

How Many Personal Creator Coins Should I Buy?

The exact quantity will depend on your strategy and the type of account you plan to run. Regardless of the account type, I suggest that you always buy a minimum of three coins.

If you plan to mint DeSo NFTs from your account or are a very social person, You will want to buy even more of your coin. They are great for giveaways to attract a more robust user base and get more involved in your project.

What is FR?

FR I the creator coin founder’s reward. The founder’s reward is the percentage of the purchase you get when others purchase your coin. When you start, your FR is set to 100%. After you buy the number of coins, you want you can lower the FR to let other investors purchase your creator coin. It is suggested to keep your founders reward between 10% and 15%.

creator coin
My Main DeSo Account Creator Coin

Can I Make Money From my Creator Coin?

It is typically frowned upon when you sell your coin. That being said, it’s not a good profit center for you. At least not in the standard investment process.

Suppose you want to make money on your creator coin; you still can. You have to work it a different way. You will need to set up alternate accounts and use these to buy some of your coins to sell them later.

For Additional Information on DeSo Check Out – FAQ and Top Need To Know Info About DeSo – Crypto Bite

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mahnoor Shawal

    December 6, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    Wow! I never knew about the creator coins until I landed on this blog post. It’s so amazing to know that how easily 25$ can be earned just by the creation of the profile. However, it’s up to you what you want to do with your creator coin either purchase a few more or sell the ones you already have. If the term Creator Coins attracts you then you’re on the right page.

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The Art Collective Multichain DAO by Metazens



Art Collective Multichain DAO

The Metazens, Metaverse Citizens, is one of my favorite projects recently launched on the DeSo blockchain. A professional artist created the DAO NFT project by the name of Meredith Marsone from New Zealand.

About The Art Collective DAO

The Metazens were minted on the DeSo blockchain to kick off the beginning of the Art Collective Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 20 original hand-drawn NFTs were the first steps to develop the 5,500 generative multichain series.

Multichain DAO NFT Project

The NFTs will be released as follows:

  • 20 Genesis on DeSo
  • 35 Super Rare Metazens with Music by Murkury
  • 500 Generative on DeSo
  • 2,500 Generative on Solana
  • 2,500 Generative on Ethereum
art collective dao

Just a heads up minting a Metazen on DeSo will get you a free Metazen on the Solana blockchain. Excellent 2 for 1 deal. If you do not have an account on DeSo, you can sign up on DiamondApp.

Each one of the blockchains will have its own DAO. 25% of the money from the NFTs sold will finance the DAO. The DAO will vote on purchases of NFTs and benefit from the profits when sold.

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The Future of The Metazens

This is not your ordinary NFT or DAO. It is turning into a fun project with great potential to become highly profitable.

So far, on the DeSo platform, the project is doing a derivative project for prizes and is about to launch Metamorphs. You will be able to use 2 of the generative mints to get a custom morph. The great thing about these morphs is that you still keep the original.

Meredith and her team continue to create new ideas to keep the project alive and exciting. It is also starting to build up a great community. We would love to have you here.

You can see more about this project on the website or here.

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DeSo Decentralized Social Hot New Updates



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It has been an exciting month so far in Decentralized Social Media thanks to the new blockchain DeSo. I expect 2022 will be a fantastic year based on the speed of growth and development that I have seen since I started about three months ago.

DeSo Launched on Coinbase

This is the biggest success since I joined so I wanted to share it first. DeSo had a successful launch on Coinbase Pro and started officially trading at 12 PM EST on 12/14 and by the afternoon it was listed on the standard Coinbase. This is a huge step for the validity of the project.

Now we wait to see if the next step comes true. DeSo NFTs coming to Coinbase? Soon we shall see.

DeSo on coinbase

Join here and KYC Verify for Free DeSo.

More DeSo News and Updates

The DeSo Octane Fund Update

For those of you new to DeSo the Octane Fund was a $50 million dollar fund that was set aside to support developers and push for the growth of the DeSo Network. was the first app to receive funding from the Octane Fund at a whopping total of $1 million dollars.

Approximately $9 million dollars has also recently been announced for release to some additional projects that were submitted for funding. It looks like there will be 20+ Grants and 12 Equity Rounds of seed funding.

Possible New Updates Coming

  • DRC-20 Smart Contracts. There has been discussion of this happening. It is just a question of when.
  • New NFT Features coming in version 2. This should include the ability to list as open auction, timed auction and buy now.
  • There is also discussion about a possible coin split to lower the price and make it look more attractive to buyers. For example, DeSo could potentially split and you receive 10 deso for every 1 that you currently own.

Inspiring DeSo NFT Artists

I want to share two amazing artists I have recently discovered on the DeSo network. IRM and Sergio. Both have several great projects and great styles.

IRM is a 3D digital artist from London, England. These 3D character renderings are on fire and go fast.

With the ever-expanding Metaverse, I would be interested to see if IRM or other 3d Artists begin releasing NFTs with source files that can be used in VR.

The Fallen Angels DeSo NFT Collection

deso decentralized social nft

The Stoned Apes DeSo NFT Collection

deso nft

The Big Buddha DeSo NFT Collection

DeSo NFT Collection

IRM is continuously working on new projects. You can find more of IRM’s work here.

Want to know more about DeSo? FAQ and Top Need To Know Info About DeSo – Crypto Bite

Sergio is an artist from Columbia. He produces some amazing and colorful art.

My main job is as a tattoo artist, I have 5 years of experience in the world of this art, what I like to do the most are minimalist styles, most of my works are designs already brought by clients, although I always like to make my own designs, at the moment I am saving to open my own studio where I can have a space to create my art and provide employment opportunities to other artists.

Just got to add this beautiful piece of artwork to my collection.

decentralized social nonfungible tokens

I spent a good amount of time going through this collection. I was lost inside of my imagination. The characters brought to life stories and visions of these creatures in a mythical metaverse.

Sergio’s Latest Work on Cranues

cranues deso nfts

The next collection was a collaboration between Sergio and Jody Bossert called CloutJacks. This was a special Halloween collection.

deso nfts

Stay tuned for more updates on DeSo with

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DeSo + Coinbase Pro = Moon Shot



cryptocurrency news

You probably heard about Decentralized Social Media but you may not hear about Decentralized Social Blockchain.

What Is DeSo

DeSo or decentralized social blockchain is a foundation to promote social media platforms decentralized and expend to decentralize every aspect of social media. The idea is that one platform to have all features and developers can build their applications from the blockchain. 

Who Is the Founder

Nader Al-Naji was a software engineer in Google and he raised $133M funds to start an algorithmic stablecoin basis in 2017. In October 2021, the DeSo Foundation announced that a $50M developer fund to expand the DeSo blockchain. 

When It Started

DeSo was started as Bitclout in June 2021. I was joined a month after. The platform was started as a very suspect way to exchange native crypto with only Bitcoin. It raised many suspicious from many other users. Also, there were celebrities’ accounts that were created as reserves for real users but many of them weren’t joined. 

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Glowing Fast and Fast Because of Easy Use

One of the things I noticed about the platform is that it is very easy to use. Just simply clicks a few buttons, you can mint your NFTs or post to earn. There is no long process of approval like Roll, one of the social money platforms that requires a certain threshold to issue your own tokens. Once you registered with DeSo, you automatically can mint your own token with your own name. People then can buy and trade your tokens.

Everything Is In the Blockchain

You can easily see how users perform on the platform through blockchain. All data are available to the public. 

The Case: xuanling11


I have minted 107 NFTs and sold 6. Compared to my other platform, it was considered a successful sell since I was an unknown author and Cheif of Nobody Officer on the internet.

My Posts

I was not as active as many others. However, I did make some impact on the platform and consistently post my feeds. 

My Earnings

There are many ways to earn but I found out that selling NFTs and earning tips from your post is the most effective way. Since I was not as very active, my earnings weren’t that great and it was fluctuate a lot. But before I go famous (just kidding), I bought back my own tokens which increase 4 times.

Coinbase Listing

I was not expecting the $DeSo will be listed so fast but it will be listed tomorrow in Coinbase. I think the token will be worth more than it is now.

Investment of DeSo

I think DeSo has become a large part of investment now. Partially because it will be listed in the Coinbase tomorrow but also I think the platform has more potential to expand with many more developers to work together to build a better community.

In Conclusion

I was lucky to ride the early train and I have no idea the DeSo will be listed in Coinbase so fast. Come to join this platform before it goes to the moon. Don’t miss the train. Join here with a $25 free giveaway.

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