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What Is Blockster? (And What the Heck Is the BXR Token?)

With the crypto market exploding, all sorts of new platforms are entering the fray, promising everything from inexpensive transactions to blockchain-based contracting. One of the entrants is Blockster, an all-in-one content platform that aims to meet all your crypto needs.

So, What’s Blockster?

Blockster is trying to be the platform of platforms in the crypto space. It wants to connect everyone in the industry in one place. So, for instance, the platform allows you to buy all the cryptocurrencies out there and connect the teams behind various projects, traders, speculators, and everyone else involved in the scene.

At the core of Blockster is a communication network. Here, the idea is to keep members way ahead of industry trends and publicly-available news. Participants, Blockster hopes, will be able to get the jump on their competitors and, hopefully, generate more profits.

Blockster has set out a roadmap of its goals over the coming months and years. So far, it’s completed stage one, launching the platform’s “testnet” in July 2021 and onboarding around 300,000 users. This initial foray included the development of its website, news feed, profile, following, and more than 800 token pages. It also developed audio and video call capabilities and group messaging.

Of course, this isn’t the end of Blockster’s plans for world domination. Stage 2, expected to launch Q1 or Q2 2022, will see the addition of more crypto features, the inclusion of the Blockster Wallet, and the ability for users to withdraw and deposit money. Blockster says that it will be making P2P transactions available for all qualifying members of the platform and offering portfolio tracking to boot. It’ll also add BXR tipping, a topic we discuss below.

That won’t be the end of it, though. Blockster aims to make self-serve advertising available on the platform before the end of June 2022 and release the Blockster Mobile app for better small-screen support.

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Stage three’s timeline is yet to be announced, so we still don’t know when these will arrive. However, Blockster has publicly stated that this phase of its development will focus on “marketplaces that will allow users, businesses, game developers and crypto projects to monetize Blockster and accept crypto payments.” Blockster can clearly see the emerging metaverse writing on the wall and wants to become a platform where people can fully immerse their lives in new digital environments.

Specifically, Blockster wants to develop a game marketplace. It’s not entirely clear yet what form this takes, but there will likely be high interoperability with games such as Axie Infinity (and whatever else emerges).

We’re also going to see an NFT marketplace, Blockster says. This feature will allow users to trade their non-fungible tokens, presumably using all of the currencies available through the platform.

whats the bxr token

Going even beyond this, Blockster wants to make it possible for users to launch their own tokens. It’s attempting to democratize the process and down barriers to entry. Anyone with a good crypto or token idea should be able to sell their IP and ideas to the marketplace.

Additional features will include a business marketplace for blockchain-based firms, a software and apps marketplace, and what Blockster is calling “advanced algorithms.” Backing all this up will be the ability to make seamless trades and even accept payments in a merchant capacity.

And What’s The BXR Token?

The BXR token is a marketing and advertising token that powers the Blockster system. The token’s value correlates with the size of Blockster’s advertising base. The more people who join the platform, the more valuable it will become.

Blockster tokens are relatively cheap (at least compared to many of the tokens out there). It’s trading in the $0.10 to $0.15 range currently. There is a maximum supply of 100 million coins, Blockster says.

Members who add ETH and BXR to the ETH/BXR marketplace on Uniswap can earn a share of 2 million BXR rewards the platform intends to pay out over the next 12 months. The more money participants add, the greater the promised rewards, Blockster claims. Currently, the APY or estimated annual rate of return is at more than 460 percent, with the total value of BXR right now at around USD 34,000.

You can buy BXR tokens from various platforms, including BXR Treasury, Hotbit, and Uniswap. According to, more exchanges are coming soon.

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