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What You Can Do With Coin App and XYO Coin

Welcome to my Coin App Review. So far my experience with Coin App has been amazing.

If you want to just go and check out the app click here. If you use my link from this post you get 1,000 coins to start. Or continue reading along as I share my experience with Coin APP and XYO Coin.

coin app geomining


Coin App is available on Android and iPhone. It is designed to geo mine coins using your location. This app brings back memories of Pokemon GO with geo mining. The app is loaded with additional options to earn more coins. The more you use it the more items open for you to gain additional coins.

How Does Coin APP and XYO Network Work

Your phone uses coin app to geomine. When geo mining your phone is your mining rig that performs bound witnesses instead of complex calculations in order to get the prize. Bound witness a trustless system that allows two unrelated nodes to detect and report each other. If those reports are valid, then they prove that both of them were at this time and place.

Those reports are then archived on the third node, which is called an archivist. It will keep the collected data safe until the fourth node, diviner, finds it for the party interested to buy it.

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Available Plans for Coin App

Coin App has 4 levels at which you can earn. They have the Basic Plan, Plus Plan, and Pro Plan listed below. The 4th level is Master. The only way to get Master is by invite. If you are active on the app and maintain a Pro plan for 6 months you can get to master and really increase your earnings. I started off with the Pro plan.

Basic Plan / Free Coin App Subscription Plan

Our plan with basic feature access



1x Geomining Speed

1x Geomining Recharge Rate

1x Likelihood of Big Geomines

1x Geomining Rewards

Plus Coin App Subscription Plan

For users looking to grow their earnings



2x Geomining Speed

2x Geomining Recharge Rate

2x Likelihood of Big Geomines

12x Geomining Rewards

2x Additional Geomining Rewards

2x Bonus Drop Power

2x Background Rewards Boost

Geoclaim Shield & Bonus

Pro Coin App Subscription Plan

For users serious about earning with COIN



3x Geomining Speed

3x Geomining Recharge Rate

3x Likelihood of Big Geomines

12x Geomining Rewards

3x Additional Geomining Rewards

3x Bonus Drop Power

3x Background Rewards Boost

Geoclaim Shield & Bonus

Geoclaim Bonus

Is the Pro Plan Worth the Price?

The reason that I chose the Pro Plan for Coin App was to see if the price is worth it or not. The way the Coin App works is you receive virtual coins that can be exchanged for the native XYO coin, ETH, BYC, Gaming Systems, and other items. For every 10,000 coins, you build up $5 in value.

With the Pro Plan, I earn around 400 coins in 12 hours sitting idle at the house. Driving to work and through the day to different job sites, I earn 20 coins per mile. To pay for the pro plan let’s break it down. You will need 70,000 coins per month to break even. You will earn approximately 12,000 per month on ide leaving 58,000 to break even. That would be 2,900 miles per month of driving to break even. Everyone will vary as you can see below.

There are several other items that can add to this also but, I wanted to keep the math simple. You can hit more Big Geomines. In the first week, I received 500, 600, and 300. You get geoclaim bonuses and increase the amount you get from the weekly bonus drops.

One thing I really like about the coin app is the ability to see people on the leaderboard. You can see what your potential earnings could be. The above screenshot is about 1/2 way through the day. Those are some good earnings.

If you use the SentinelX you get 10% on top of the earnings above.

Once I start seeing all the other benefits I believe the Pro Plan will start showing a good profit.

coin app sentinelX NFC

I highly suggest at least starting out with the basic plan and checking it out for yourself. I will continue updating my progress here and start sharing more information and tips.

Coin App Features

Earn Cryptocurrency Taking Coin App Surveys

Surveys are where I make most of my coin.

earn crypto taking surveys

I really love doing the surveys. It is a great option to earn some coins by sharing your opinion. Some surveys could be around 300 coins and some get on up there. The more you do the more you will unlock.

Earn Crypto by Playing Games

The coin app has a long list of games to choose from. If you are one of those types that like to kill some time playing games on mobile then rewarded play may be just what you are looking for. You can earn as few as 1,500 tokens and as high as 30,000 tokes just to play a game.

Earn Cryto With Store Visits

When you are out shopping or loafing around town don’t forget to check-in at stores to watch ads or scan products.

How to Increase your Earnings on Coin APP

If you are looking to increase your earnings I have already mentioned several ways that it can be done. There are several other ways. I will go back through some of the multipliers and some additional ways to increase coin app earnings.

  • If you start with the Pro plan you will get 3X the Mining Speed and 12X the Reward.
  • You can add a SentinelX from Coin APP for location verification and Recieve a 10% boost on top of the Plan if you have one or increase rewards by 12X if you do not have a paid plan.
  • Home Base bonus. If you mine the same area 3 times you will start getting a 10% home base bonus. For every additional hour you will increase another 10% up to 100% bonus. The home base bonus restarts every 24 hours.
  • Other Coin APP users with paid plans will also increase your mining rewards. For each paid user that is around you you will gain an additional 10% bonus up to 100%.
  • Receive 10% bous on all geomining referals.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to get your bonus 1,000 tokens and start earning.

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