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What To Know About GPU Mining vs ASIC Mining

Is it better to mine using ASIC vs. GPU? Like every other asset, cryptocurrencies are now the most trending volatile asset, and people are investing in it by exchange or mining. Mostly, crypto trading is done by understanding the market, and mining is rather diverse.

At the beginning of bitcoin mining, CPUs were the critical component. Now the machines we use for mining are several times more powerful than CPUs and, at the time, significantly more effective. These monstrous mining components are GPUs and ASIC.

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ASIC Miner vs GPU Mining

Using A GPU to Mine Crypto

Asas most people like to call it, a graphics cardGPU , is a Graphics Processing Unit of a computer. Its fundamental goal is to deliver or manipulate images of the system and show them on display as fast as possible in a systematic manner. Especially people related to video games or graphics designing, and video editors are most interested in it.

Because it has been constructed with so many cores, doing multiple processing is much faster than CPUs, so miners have replaced their CPUs with the latest GPUs for mining. As a result, miners gained nearly 800 times the performance boost as a bonus.

asic miner vs gpu mining

ASIC Miner for Crypto Mining

Another essential tool for mining is ASIC, also known as an application-specific integrated circuit. Because ASIC is good at doing specific tasks, mining cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin gives you a very high hash rate. The way ASIC works is the amount of ASIC you have compared to other ASIC miners, and this will determine the earning of your ASIC mining. To be exact, every block generates a specific volume of coins, and the prize will be the portion of the network hash rate.

Differences Between ASIC Miner and GPU Mining

 In more straightforward terms, ASIC mining is like a card collection competition, and everyone with a card gets the prize. The more the person with the cardless, the reward for each. If this game happens every day, on the first day, the contestants were five, and the prize was $10. That day each of the participants got $2 as the prize money, and after hearing that five more people joined the previous five the next day, and on the 2nd day, everyone got only $1 each.

On the other hand, GPU mining is similar, but the total reward is distributed by the number of cards in your deck.

As a practical difference, one A10 Pro worth $12,000 ASIC will deliver you about 750mh/s with consumption of electricity about 1350 watt, but 12 GPUs worth $10,000 like RTX 2080 or 3060ti can generate a little less efficient 710mh/s out of 1450 watt. AISC setup is a child’s play and takes less space, but setting up GPUs for mining is complicated and takes up a good portion of your room. As a GPU miner, you can choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine each day, but with ASIC, you are stuck with one.

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