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What You Should Know About Solana and Cardano

Solana and Cardano are altcoins that were created as an alternative to Ethereum. They feature lower transaction fees and a high speed of data processing. Experts believe that these altcoins can surpass Ethereum in terms of capitalization after some time because they lack the main disadvantages of Ethereum: low transaction speed, high energy consumption, and higher fees.

We Compared Solana & Cardano

These altcoins are very similar, but they have some differences. 

Cardano is better known among traders and investors. This altcoin operates using the PoS algorithm. Recall that Ethereum still uses the PoW algorithm in its work. Cardano has an average processing speed of 250 transactions per second. On the Ethereum network, transactions are processed ten times slower. Accordingly, Cardano requires less power and other costs. 

However, this is not the maximum limit of transaction speed. Cardano runs on a Hundra 2.0 system, which allows it to increase the speed to 1,000,000 transactions per second in the future. This is higher than what is planned for Ethereum 2.0, which will be introduced soon. 

What are Solana and Cardano

Cardano has become even more popular due to its access to smart contracts. This has allowed altcoins to enter the DeFi. Recall that these are financial instruments in the form of services and applications created on the blockchain. This will increase the popularity of the system and make it more widespread. 

Solana is another altcoin, which is a profitable alternative to Ethereum. However, this system was introduced only recently. In parallel, users have gained access to the SOL token. At the moment, Solana has a higher transaction rate, which is 60,000 transactions per second. The average fee is $0,00025, which is lower than Cardano’s. 

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Today Solana and Cardano are less popular than Ethereum. At the same time, they have a similar working principle. Solana surpasses Cardano and Ethereum in key technical characteristics. However, the new altcoins are not yet very popular. This is due to the lack of advertising and low media activity of projects in various media. In doing so, Solana Ventures seeks to attract desktop and mobile video game developers to build their projects based on its public blockchain, thereby raising the prospect of higher SOL adoption. A similar implementation boom in 2021 has helped raise the price of SOL by nearly 17,500% since the beginning of the year, from $1,51 to $262. 

Solana and Cardano Future

Experts believe that in a few years, the capitalization of Solana and Cardano could surpass $500 billion.

Many experts call Solana the “best competitor” to Ethereum, Cardano, and other smart contract platforms regarding “developer adoption and momentum.”

However, Solana has also shown signs of resource depletion, i.e., lack of prioritization among SOL transactions and fewer validators. This led to an eighteen-hour network outage in September 2021. If this is not corrected, it could increase the risks of reversed or altered transactions across the Solana network.

That’s why you shouldn’t invest all your money in Solana or Cardano. So far, these systems are not perfect. They have good prospects, and their capitalization will grow. However, their technical characteristics are limited. Ethereum still has a margin of safety. 

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