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When Meta Patented Metaverse

Meta (Facebook) is very aggressive and secretive on their Metaverse move. They continue working undercover and implement technology that can exploit users’ data with the maximum profit-generating. Will Meta create a Metaverse we want?


Meta (Facebook) again like to analyze you through your emotion. The database they created likely collects your emotion and a possible link to emoji that can continue generating a false future for you.

Here is a 1 min summary of the article if you want to skip the reading.

Facial Recognition

Media content is going to three dimensions. Face data is the first step, and it will go further into bodily and gesture data. Once they have your data, they package it as an object to sell advertisement companies to exploit you in the whole different new levels.  

Store in the Metaverse

It is a virtual store that can fully function and customize for you once they have as much data as they have. The virtual store experience can be another different level of experience. What you feel can be totally fabricated and designed by advertisement. They can completely control you by pushing sell their virtual products.

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Surveillance Metaverse

There is no way you will hide in Metaverse Facebook created. The virtual camera is everywhere to collect your data wholly and 24/7. Algorithms work intensifies and grow smarter within a short time. It will become a real-time upgrade of the virtual world if they can customize what you prefer until they change your mind and influence your decision-making.


Meta even patents the technology that wants to fully control their surveillance technology and maximize profits to exploit users. Such patents will help Meta to achieve its excellence and monopoly status.

Definition of Metaverse

Every player wants to shape the idea of Metaverse as the definition has not yet been defined. It is an opportunity for players to quickly dominate the field, or maybe that is no longer the case in the crypto universe.

In Conclusion

Facebook will not change but continue exploiting users. Their metaverse is a portal to suck more data from innocent users and sell for profits. Will that be the technology of the future or just a temporary solution that people can learn from their mistakes in the past?

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