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Yearn Finance Comic – Part 6

A Defi strategist is a person to invents a new way to beat the market ?‍?.

How nice if a robot could be programmed to help implement your strategy ?‍??

Let’s see how Yearn Finance offers Defi products ?️!

? Yearn Finance Strategy

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1️⃣ What is a strategy? 

A strategy is a financial product that is programmable through a smart contract. Such a strategy is a way to yield more earnings and more opportunities to earn. There are many ways, including lending, borrowing, yield farm, staking, and more.

2️⃣ How does a strategy work?

Here is a detailed explanation of how it works.

Strategy is a way for a program to automatically trade and produce a maximum amount of profits in the market if possible.

3️⃣ How does a strategy really work?

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You will propose a strategy to the community and vote in favor of implementing your strategy of the committee approval.

4️⃣ How is a strategy to win?

Yearn Finance has a strategy called harvest that will rebalance the process to make sure profits are realized and reinvested back into the strategy. Also, many strategies were learned from mistakes in the past to be able to provide “go up only” results.

? Transparency in Yearn Finance

Transparency is the key to success in Defi. You can view Yearn Finance reports just like view a company’s performance through their accounting transactions. 

You can also view all statuses about their funds and performance here.

? In Conclusion

Yearn Finance has a strategy to provide a higher winning chance through their products and transparency to help communities to work collaboratively to win the future.

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